Starting a landscape project isn’t easy, and it’s plagued with potential pitfalls. Some construction projects can, unfortunately, become the source of sleepless nights, and tremendous frustrations, and can take complete control of your life. This is due to the horror stories you may hear regarding cost overruns, poor workmanship, and unscrupulous contractors. Mistakes are common in all enterprises but due to many intricate details involved in construction, this industry is susceptible to mistakes more than other industries. Becoming a contractor that expanding your business may not be the easiest thing in the world. As we enter the second year of recession around the world, many homeowners want to increase the value of their property by considering the cost-effectiveness, and return potential of quality landscaping, and safeguarding their investments by hiring professional landscaping contractors in Dubai to perform the work. Being a contractor, they can offer you a wealth of benefits, from having flexible working hours to being able to charge more for their services. But, at the same point, there are issues and obstacles you’ll face along the way, and see the common mistakes these contractors make. These contractors who have been in the industry for a few years may start to feel nervous with the increase in the number of contractors looking for work in lawn mowing, gardening, landscaping, and so on. Now, is the perfect time for existing and established landscaping contractors in Dubai to carry out an audit on their business marketing and advertising. And it is no doubt a positive move for new entrants to the landscape industry to look at what works and what doesn’t in terms of marketing and advertising.


In our experience, we have seen these contractors consistently make big marketing blunders or omissions. This list we refer to as the “5 common mistakes made by landscaping work in Dubai“. We will go into depth with each of the marketing mistakes like poor construction, improper installation, and low-quality plants that can turn your landscape into a liability. In summary, the 5 biggest marketing mistakes made by these contractors are:

  1. The First Biggest Marketing Mistake (made by landscaping Contractors in Dubai) is they do not take safety seriously in the construction industry. While there are valid issues and challenges in the landscape industry like accidents and injuries, they are also majorly getting in your way by these contractors if safety is neglected. If you’re struggling with badly trained contractors who ignore safety, this can lead you to incur high costs and disruption to the project. As safety is essential in any workplace, it starts by having the right tools like CCTV cameras in Dubai in place and watching employees, and keeping your construction project safe, productive, and profitable.


  1. The Second is they do not have an organized or formal system of generating referrals which is bad for your landscape project. Unqualified contractors will waste your time, effort, energy, and money. They should ask how satisfied you are with their services. The contractors must understand what motivates each group, put in place ground rules, and deliberately build the team so that all people working on a project should be treated and managed similarly.   
  2. The Third is they make it hard for customers and prospects to do business with them which is unavoidable. You can not make a good deal by hiring the wrong people or a bad person. No matter how good the sales pitch sounds, if the contractor who will do the job is not a good listener, you’re not doing fine with the project. Part of the problem is caused by the services offered by landscaping contractors in Dubai who are not licensed, qualified, skilled, or educated that will claim they can do virtually everything needed from tree trimming to building a retaining wall.
  3. The Fourth is they are guilty of pathetic advertising in the market which is a key part of attracting new work to sustain and grow the services. Landscaping contractors in Dubai aren’t familiar with marketing and advertising their construction services. This might be true on some occasions, but it has severe implications on other occasions in the landscape project. Present-day construction demands proper advertising, use of connected data, software, applications, and CCTV installations in Dubai that cannot cripple a contractor.
  4. Misunderstanding between project stakeholders is one of the important causes of landscape project delays and can also lead to the execution of wrong tasks that will spiral down to costly delays. The Fifth mistake landscaping contractors in Dubai make is that they are poor communicators with their customers, prospects, and past customers for setting up a proper communication channel. A good contractor must build a meaningful, long-lasting relationship and know how to account for variables like weather, personal changes, budgeting issues, and understand how to respond when something doesn’t go as planned.

The construction mistakes mentioned above by landscaping contractors in Dubai are the most common, but due to the unique nature of projects, you might also experience some localized errors in your landscape project. There’s so much software available today that’ll make your life so much easier, and the construction project more profitable. Adapting to new technologies and software assures you good chances when adversity hits. Remember, builders, remodelers, and contractors will work on your most valuable asset and prized possession and will become your go-to expert and most trusted advisor in their area of specialty. So, you must find the absolute best craftsmen, the most trustworthy business, and the all-around perfect contractor to begin your project. Treat your research properly and prepare for the process before meeting with the first contractor. Always choose the landscape contractor based on trade experience, customer service, skills, and how he communicates clearly with you during the bid process, treats your job as if it will be his masterpiece, and most importantly run the business soundly.



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