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5 Commercial Ways to Use Plexiglass in Your Business on the Gold Coast


Plexiglas is an acrylic plastic, a durable and inexpensive replacement for thermoplastic glass.

Perspex became popular during the Covid outbreak years and global production increased by more than 300% from 2020-2021. Grocery stores and pharmacies have installed clear plexiglass screens at cash registers to limit the spread of the virus between customers and workers. Businesses and offices use plexiglass partitions and partitions between desks or even sinks.

Plexiglas’ main applications benefit from its strength, light weight and transparency. Its primary use is the replacement of glass in security screens, sneeze guards, windows, skylights, aquariums and airplane windscreens.

However, plexiglass sheets are lightweight, so they are very easy to transport. Plexiglas panels are highly impact resistant. Let’s dive into the commercial uses of plexiglass!

Acrylic Window Panes

Custom cut plexiglass window panels are much safer than regular panels. Due to their light weight, acrylic sheets are easier to install than ordinary glass and are much safer due to their resistance to sharp impacts. If a Plexiglas panel shatters, it is much less dangerous than broken glass.

Display Food Product

Acrylic glass panels protect food from microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and pathogens. It also allows food to stay fresh and healthy. Acrylic plate is easy to develop germ-free sneezing between human foods.

Sneeze Guards

Help separate people and protect against splashes with transparent tape.

In addition, protective plexiglass and acrylic panels are used to make a protected barrier called sneeze screen as a dynamic measure in saving customers and workers.

Retail Store Displays

Plexiglass is commonly used in retail stores and market displays. Useful and inexpensive acrylic panels have proven to be a protected and attractive look.

However, plexiglass panels are available in a variety of colors and offer specific options to meet the needs of retail display conditions.

In addition, acrylic glass displays are considered safe for both customers and workers. They don’t scratch easily; therefore, it is better to display store products.

In addition, the sneeze guard is a supporting barrier that prevents the spread of germs.

Plexiglass DIY GreenHouses

Greenhouses are designed for growing vegetables and fruits out of season. Greenhouses are designed to provide moderate temperatures throughout the year. Greenhouses usually consist of a roof and glass walls. However, glass is considered risky when children are playing outside. 

However, an acrylic sheet greenhouse is the best choice because it is stronger than glass and can damage more. The acrylic sheet is shatter-resistant and lets in 90% of the light. You can easily clean or polish it.

If you’re interested in creating your own green home, there are several popular methods of doing so. One method is to use Plexiglass as a major component. Plexiglass can be cut and shaped to create any type of home, from small apartments to full-on homes. Plexiglass is strong, yet lightweight, which makes it perfect for constructing green homes. It also has a number of other benefits. For example, Plexiglass is transparent, which means that you can see what’s happening outside without having to worry about damage or privacy issues. Additionally, Plexiglas is energy-efficient and fireproof – two important factors when building a green home. Plus, it’s easy to install and maintain – making it an ideal choice for DIYers who want to get started on their project quickly.

Final Words

Plexiglas is an efficient material for cold insulation. It also has seven uses: durability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and customizability. Choosing acrylic sheet is one of the best options as it lets in 90% of the light pass. Perspex Online is leading all-type plastic fabricator in Australia that specialises in custom plastic fabrication. Order custom Perspex cut to size plastics today!

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