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5 Clever Email Marketing Tips for SaaS Businesses

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tactic most SaaS businesses need in their artillery. No matter what stage you are on the startup journey, whether you’re working with a SaaS growth agency or not, it would be rare if you weren’t already investing in an email marketing strategy. 

But how do you take your existing foundation to the next level, freshen things up and level up your approach? Our top 5 email marketing tips for SaaS businesses will help you unlock the next level of achievement. 

1. Get personal 

This one is not revolutionary. Personalizing your emails to connect with your target audience may not be a new pointer, but it is a must-do. And you can do way more with this than just “Hi [First Name].” 

How? Try integrating other personal identifiers like company name, industry and job title into your body copy and headlines. If you’re able to do this in an authentic way, you can really hit a nerve and take this sense of connection to another level. 

Matching personalisation with segmentation (a list that aligns with the personalisation points you focus on) – both reflecting and bouncing off one another is the quickest route to resonating with your audience.

2. Switch up your send times 

Send times may feel like a small lever in the machine of email marketing but it’s one you should definitely be experimenting with if you aren’t already. 

The typical rule of thumb has been that Mondays and Fridays aren’t good send times and that mornings are better than afternoons. But, have you really tested this for your own audience? 

Instead of just going with send times that seem reasonable or make sense, try experimenting with your blasts and newsletters to see what actually works for your audience. Then double down on that.

3. Nail your list 

Who you send your email to is often more important than the contents of the email itself. That’s why you want to get really vigilant about who receives what, and why. 

Before you send out any email, make sure that there’s a strategy behind the send list, and that the contents of the email are curated to the specific needs and circumstances of people within this list. 

You don’t want to be sending existing customers promos about subscribing to your product for a cheaper rate. This is a big no-no! 

People want to know that your on the ball with your email strategy, and this is the quickest way to show them you aren’t.

4. Templates 

In the land of customization as king, you may feel wary to go near templates. Sometimes, however, there is a better reason than laziness to gravitate towards them.

Create your own templates and you can ensure that there’s consistency throughout every email you send. Of course you want to switch it up a bit, but you don’t want to make it difficult for the viewer to understand who the emails are coming from. 

Secondly, you can save time and send emails more frequently and efficiently. We’re a friend of the template – not a foe! Just don’t think using templates is an excuse for laying off creativity. 

Find a partnership between the two!

5. A/B testing 

A/B Testing is absolutely crucial for any successful SaaS marketing strategy. Like anything in the marketing space, experimentation is the only way to know for sure whether something works for your business.

Email is no different. We’d recommend testing everything from your subject lines to the content you share, the imagery and the length of your email. No findings are unhelpful.

Integrate these tips into your own strategy 

There you have it! 5 quick, easy tips to level up your SaaS email marketing strategy and see real, tangible results in a short time frame. Put them into action and you’ll never see a dry spell in the leads and visitors generated by your email marketing initiatives. Get out there and start sweeping the floor with your competition.

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