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5 Bestselling ESR Wheels for Compact SUVs in The USA (Updated for 2023)

Since it was founded in 2014, ESR Wheels has had a significant impact on the automotive aftermarket in the United States. ESR started off manufacturing replica wheels, meaning these rims looked and weighed exactly like OE wheels. This tag of being a ‘rep’ brand is still around, although ESR has since then moved on to bigger things.

Over the last decade, ESR has released some splendid models intended for city use and for off-roading as well. The company’s market strategy is solid: it keeps a tab on the latest designs that are making a buzz in the aftermarket community and maintains excellent engineering and in-house design and R&D teams.

From cast and forged aluminum alloy to multi-part bespoke wheels, ESR has something across the board. ESR Wheels are well-known for very competitively priced high-end and durable rims.

Right now, the US is witnessing a boom in SUV sales. And the company has plenty of options to choose from if you own a premium hatchback or a deluxe crossover compact SUV.

The very best ESR Wheels for subcompact SUVs

Smaller passenger cars that run on alternative fuels are in huge demand and this trend is likely to continue for some years.

Consider any of these JDM-style models for your Honda HR-V or Subaru CrossTrek or perhaps a Hyundai Kona.

  1. SR01: The SR01 is considered one of the finest aftermarket models for smaller SUVs, although it is quite capable of taking on harsh terrain mounted on bigger and heavier vehicles. It was one of the first models of the ‘SR’ range of ESR Wheels. This Monoblock, cast aluminum rim can be customized to a certain extent.

Unlike most competing models, the ESR SR01 is made using A356 aluminum. Also, it is made using the more reliable low-pressure casting method. This is in contrast to the more mainstream gravity casting method.

Try out the 18-inch SR01 in a stunning glossy white finish. It’s designed to stand out and make a statement. With load ratings of 1500 pounds, it’s a superb model for any compact SUV currently available.

  1. RF15: In case you are more interested in forged wheels for your vehicle, do not miss the ESR RF15. This is a high-end forged wheel made using A356 aluminum; it is perfect for city and suburban roads and ideal for sedans, hatchbacks, and compact crossover SUVs.

ESR has its own proprietary technique it calls ‘Forgetech’. This patented method makes the forged rims lighter and more durable. Forgetech also increases the structural integrity of the wheels and enhances the load bearing capacity.

Interestingly, this model is also seen adorning premium sedans including the latest Audis. The RF15 is a hit with the Mustang owners’ community too.

It’s a wildly versatile model and is highly recommended by professionals as well.

  1. CS15: This is a seriously good option for your SUVs. ESR Wheelshas a range of cast aluminum wheels called the ‘CS’ range, and the CS15 is one of its flagships. If you are new to the wide world of ESR rims, tee off with the 19-inch CS15 in an arresting gloss black finish.

The 19-inch CS15 weighs a mere 29 pounds and is capable of conquering any surface. There is a distinct JDM aesthetic that is unmissable.

Consider customizing the bolt patterns and the finish if you wish. ESR provides you with a wide range of options to choose from.

  1. CS11: The CS11 cast aluminum wheel is one of the top-selling ESR Wheelsright now. While it is more popular with owners of subcompact passenger cars and is a perennial favorite with owners of Honda and Toyota models, it is just as good for compact and even large SUVs.

The 18-inch CS11 in a graphite finish regularly outsells most other variants across the CS range. The mesh spoke pattern is certain to turn heads.

What really sets apart the ESR Wheels CS11 is its deep lip design and enhanced concavity. At just 30 pounds, the lightweight rim will ensure better performance plus savings on fuel bills for your SUV.

Incidentally, this model can also be customized on several facets. You can also ask for special dual-tone color schemes to increase the style quotient of your vehicle.

  1. SR12: At once aggressive in stance and with classic geometric lines, the SR12 is one of the most attractive ESR Wheels. It’s one reason why this particular model is extremely popular with owners of EVs, especially the Tesla Model Y. And as you know, Tesla owners are very possessive about the brands they use!

The SR12 has sold in large numbers over the last 3 years because it delivers excellent value-for-money performance both on city/suburban roads and also on asphalt. Do note that this is not meant for hardcore off-roading; still, you can mount a set of 18-inch SR12 rims on your Jeep Renegade (for instance) and go off paved surfaces for the trail for small spans.

The SR12 is yet another JDM-inspired cast aluminum rim that ESR Wheels retails at very attractive prices. Check out the matte bronze finish first; it suits most passenger vehicles in this category and uses the split-spoke design to good effect.

A few last words

All these top models are slightly smaller to let you use bigger and bulkier (more off-road friendly) tires. For best results, please choose branded tires only.

Note that the market is literally flooded with fake ESR Wheels. Be careful where you procure a set from. Trust only reputable outlets like California’s AudioCity USA.

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