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5 Best Virtual Team Building Apps to Connect Your Employees

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Remote Team-Building Apps: List of Best Tools

Remote work is the new normal, and it is time for people to embrace it. This is what COVID-19 introduced for everyone, and by 2020, the working environment had changed to reflect the new reality. Building trustworthy relationships with remote employees and encouraging communal bonding is essential in such a working environment. Tools for team building come in handy to help employees interact despite the distance.

This guide will highlight the tools for connecting and empowering your remote workforce.

How to Manage Virtual Team-Building Event?

You must carefully plan and organize your virtual team building events to run them successfully. Here are some key things to do. They include:

Define the Objective

Establish the event’s goal in plain sight. Identify whether the goal is to strengthen team bonds, increase skills, or promote creativity. Having a clear understanding of the goal will facilitate the planning.

Activities For Bonding

Opt for virtual collaborative games all team members can enjoy. Also, try collaborating on engaging activities like interactive games or problem solving activities. In some cases, icebreakers and online scavenger hunts come in handy.

The Platform Matters

To host the event, pick a suitable virtual platform. Online platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet provide video conferencing facilities and screen-sharing capabilities to facilitate effective engagement and collaboration.

Make Logistics plans

Determine the event’s date, time, and duration. Ensure that all employees are aware of the schedule and have the information they need to join the virtual event successfully. Also, consider the various time zones remote team members may be in.

Facilitate Engagement

Maintain a high level of engagement and energy throughout the event. A facilitator or moderator should be appointed to oversee the activities. This moderator will also help promote participation and control the event’s flow. To encourage participation and cooperation, use interactive components such as polls, breakaway spaces, or virtual whiteboards.

List of the Best Virtual Team Building Apps

Some include:

Know Your Team

Those looking to improve connection and communication within their teams may benefit from using this tool. Know Your Team provides managers with agenda templates and thought-provoking questions. Its capacity to improve management abilities is essential because it builds a close-knit team by supporting excellent leadership from the top.


This specialized app encourages relationships and connection-building among remote workers. Donut connects team members randomly for virtual coffee breaks or lunches. Hence, promoting casual discussion and a sense of friendship.


With group messaging, video calling, availability settings, and audio clips for inclusive discussion, Slack is a flexible communication tool. Additionally, it offers complete data encryption for increased security. Slack makes virtual team building and collaboration fun with emoji and GIF-based messages.

Microsoft Teams

This is a full platform with video conferencing, chat, file sharing, and document collaboration features. Microsoft Teams offers easy file access for virtual teams following video conferencing, saving time and effort.


Companies use this tool to establish projects, assign tasks, define due dates, and streamline workflows. For simple project tracking, it provides flexible presentation options like list view and timeline. Using automation tools and real-time reports, administrators can keep track of development and guarantee swift project completion.

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