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5 Best Sports Movies: The Millenial Edition

Movies remain a universal language for many people. However, it has become a hit or miss for millennials due to their need for media literacy. However, we cannot deny the impact movies have had on us as children.

One such niche was the 90s sports movie genre. Some hits have been so big that they’ve inspired real teams and gotten remakes on Disney +. On the other hand, they’ve also been gateways to specific sports. These movies have also helped 90s kids and millennials develop a crush on Devon Sawa, especially during the peak of his looks as a teen heartthrob.

We’ve gathered five (5) of the best sports movies millennials can watch!


For Filipino fans, we’re not as familiar with PBA Odds, but you do. However, Rocky is one of those classics that are hard to put down. Rocky is one of the golden classics and a huge defining moment for Sylvester Stallone, his magnum opus. It was said to have been written in three and a half days by a tired and out-of-work Sylvester Stallone, who’d held out for the lead role. The movie had been shot on a shoestring budget, but against the odds, it had become 1976’s highest-grossing film and piled up Oscar nominations (winning the Big One) and winning Sylvester Stallone’s image as an everyman.

It set Stallon up for a broad franchise. There were eight mostly generic sequels, a Broadway musical, and video games. However, they only made the first one a naturalistic character study about ambition, redemption, and earned victory.


Before the Mighty Ducks, there were the Ladybugs. It was the Ladybugs that laid the foundation for the future popularity of the Mighty Ducks. When a guy wants to impress everyone severely, he coaches a youth soccer team. There are some 90s movies that might be a fever dream on behalf of some from the 90s. However, it’s helped create an excellent genre in the ’90s, so the movie is worth revisiting!

D3: The Mighty Ducks

D3: The Mighty Ducks is close to the hearts of many millennials. However, it remains a memorable and good ending for an iconic trilogy that has inspired a television show, a team in real life, and a franchise. In D3: The Mighty Ducks, the team fights anew as Charlie and the team get a scholarship to junior varsity hockey scholarship to Eden Hall Academy, a prestigious Minneapolis-area prep school that Coach Bombay attended. Although the movie is good, objectively, it does not hold up or tie up as well to the dramatic and comedic flairs the first two (2) movies presented.

Bring It On

Who needs to remember to Bring It On? Bring It On is not afraid to be itself. The movie follows the ultra-privileged Rancho Carne High School cheerleading squad. Kirsten Dunst is the highlight, with her comedy chops and closing out on a career-making run. For a bland flick, it touches on intersectional feminism and has spanned six (6) sequels and a loving homage from Ariana Grande.

The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks begins when Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) is convicted of drunk driving and has to do community service. Bombay has had issues and a rocky past with the sport. Despite its messy start, it has been regarded as one of the best kids’ sports movies of the 1990s.

Wrapping Up

These five (5) films are part of the cinematic experience defining a whole generation of children. Sports, in particular, has charm. As a result, it has also become a cinematic genre.

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