5 Best Posture Exercises At Home And Gym: Aiming Posture Correction

Ow! The pain in your back is due to sitting in the chair for too long. However, the main reason to have that aches and pain can be the result of bad posture. 

The posture refers to the body’s alignment at any given moment. Static posture is the body’s position while sitting, standing, or sleeping, while dynamic posture describes the body’s work in motion. 

Good posture can be a blessing to keep your joints and muscles aligned in a neutral position. Also, there is a massive importance in maintaining a good posture in preventing neck pain, back pain, and more. While lousy posture has tons of harmful consequences for your body, the complications of poor posture lead to spinal dysfunction and joint degeneration. 

So, what is the reason hidden behind the terrible posture? 

What causes bad posture?

Poor posture has been an uprising problem among the old and young age groups. The new generation has modern-day habits like working in front of a computer, stomping on a couch, or scrolling down on your smartphone. 

All of these activities bring your shoulder forward. The overstretches and weakens the muscle in the back of your shoulder and the muscles in front of your shoulder and chest. 

Gravity pulls the muscle forward as the muscles are too weak to pull them back. Besides, bad posture can also be the daily effect of gravity on your body. Another cause of poor posture is broken bones, injury, or genetics. For the most part, you cannot control the condition.

As time passes, these bad postures cause aches and pains in your body. Don’t stress out, as we have got you covered. You can do posture exercises at home and manage back pain. 

Upper Trapezius Stretch(Best For Upper Back)

The pain in the back and neck area can be a real thing giving you that pain. 

Upper trapezius stretch is a simple exercise that can help relieve tension and pain in the upper trapezius muscle in the back and neck area. This muscle becomes tight and overworked due to poor posture, stress, or repetitive activities leading to discomfort and pain in the back, shoulders, and upper back. 

Stretching slowly and flexibly while breathing profoundly promotes relaxation and reduces tension. Moreover, you can purchase a stretching machine at your home from Bodykore Fitness. They provide best-in-the-class quality fitness products in all ranges. 

The upper trapezius will help stretch out the neck and upper back muscles that can get very tight on individuals.

How To Do It  

  • First, you have to stand or be in a seated position. 
  • Then place one of your hands on the opposite side of your head and tuck the other hand behind the back. 
  • Bring the head down towards your shoulder. 
  • Use the arrow on top to press your head down to get a deeper stretch. 
  • Hold it for 10-20 seconds and repeat on the other hand.  

Standing Pull Apart ( Upper Cervical Extensors & Chin Tucks)

Standing pulled apart is a blessing to the chin area. At the same time, this exercise helps to strengthen the muscles responsible for retracting the neck backward. 

This exercise can be performed while standing and involves pulling the shoulder blades back and down while simultaneously retracing the neck. 

Standing pull-apart should be performed with the help of resistance bands. At the same time, it is the best posterior exercise at the gym targeting the neck area. 

How To Do It 

  • Hold the resistance band with both hands, straighten your elbow, and bring your arms out before you. 
  • Keep the elbows locked, and slowly move your arms out and back behind your body. You can experience the contracting of the muscle between your shoulder blades. 
  • Stretch out as far as you are comfortable, but the arm and neck pain is not good. 
  • Ensure to avoid moving your shoulders towards your ears. 
  • Repeat the set 2 times with ten reps. However, if you want to challenge yourself, increase the resistance level on the band. 

Cat & Cow Stretch ( Best For Spine Mobility)

The light yoga session in the early day can make your day better. 

Cat and Cow Stretch is a typical yoga pose that involves moving the spine through a gentle range of motion. 

Besides, it also relieves tension in the back area while promoting relaxation and mindfulness. This exercise can energize the lower back muscle area. 

How To Do It 

  • Kneel with your hands under your shoulders and knees below your hips. 
  • Exhale and arch the spine gently and hold the position for two seconds. 
  • Inhale and tighten the core muscle while you round your back and hold the position for two seconds. 

Shoulders-Elevated Single-Leg Hip Thrust(Best For Glutes & Core)

In your gym session, you can include the shoulder elevated single leg hip that will be a blessing for your glutes and core. 

It increases the range of motion and requires greater activation of the glutes and hamstrings. Further expanding the core stability and improving your balance. 

You can also add single leg variation for an additional challenge, as it will be an excellent exercise for improving overall lower body strength. 

How To Do It 

  • Lie with your upper back resting on a bench and feet flat on the floor before you. 
  • Lift your left foot off the ground raising the hips until your body forms a straight line from your shoulder to your knees. 
  • Keep the left thigh perpendicular to the floor during the top of your rep. 
  • Hold the position for a second and slowly return to the starting position. 
  • Ensure to keep the left foot touching the ground between reps. 

Plank (Best For Core & Upper Back)

Ughh! Holding the plank for a minute can be challenging. 

However, the plan is a core exercise targeting the upper back and core muscle group. It’s a simple and effective exercise that can be performed anywhere without any requirement for equipment. 

Many plank variations include plank jacks, side planks, and many more. You can increase the challenge depending on your fitness level. 

In addition to strengthing the core muscles, it improves posture and reduces lower back pain. Overall it is an effective exercise to increase stability and balance. 

How To Do It

  • Get in a push-up position with your hands directly under your shoulders and toes on the ground. 
  • Engage yo core muscles by pulling your stomach towards your spine and squeeze glutes and thigh muscles. 
  • Ensure to maintain the back flat and neck in a neutral position; hold this position for 40-60 seconds. 
  • Take a deep breath throughout the exercise and focus on maintaining good form. 
  • Finish the practice by lowering your knees and coming out of the plank position. 


Does gym improve posture?

The gym helps correct the posture with a supportive brace as the exercise helps strengthen the core and upper back muscles. 

What are the symptoms of bad posture?

Rounded shoulders, recurring headaches, a tilted pelvis, back pain, neck pain, and hunched back are the symptoms of bad posture. 

Should I do posture exercises every day?

Yes, posture exercises should be performed daily as they will be a blessing for your back pain and bad posture. 

What sleep position is best for posture?

Sleeping on your back improves your sleeping posture. 

Can you correct years of bad posture?

Bad posture can be a problem, and not treating it for years may not suit your body. However, if you do the exercises correctly, you can improve your bad posture. 


A bad posture is a torture for your health. You can perform the posture exercises at home or the gym, but ensure to complete these slowly and profoundly. Enjoy the movement and maintain a good posture for tackling the body pain and aches. 

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