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5 Best Neighborhoods to Start a Business in Atlanta

If you’re looking to set up shop in Atlanta, there are many factors that you need to keep in mind to make sure you’re picking the right location. Don’t worry, though; we did all of the heavy lifting and research for you. So which neighborhoods are the best for your Atlanta business? Read on to find out.

Our Criteria

To pick the right neighborhood, you need a thorough understanding of what a business needs to thrive. These include:

  • Local amenities that make running the business easy
  • The availability of talent for your business
  • Local growth and development
  • Quality, affordable commercial rentals
  • Other local trends that make the neighborhood conducive to business

We surveyed the different neighborhoods in Atlanta and evaluated them using these factors. With these things in mind, these are the five best neighborhoods to start your own Atlanta business.

1. Buckhead

Buckhead is known for its posh and stylish outlook; tons of skyscrapers adorn the neighborhood. It plays host to the corporate headquarters of well-known businesses and renowned financial companies. However, small businesses also have a large presence in Buckhead. If you need a low-key, high-fashion, conducive, and affordable location to start your Atlanta business, Buckhead might be the place for you.

Buckhead has excellent local amenities available at your fingertips. In addition to this, Buckhead is home to several top-ranking schools in Georgia, so there will be no shortage of interns to hire for your business. Several employment agencies in Buckhead also help small businesses recruit graduate interns and staff.

The cost of doing business in Buckhead is moderate. You can get a business license with an annual renewal fee of just $50. Buckhead office rents are on the higher end of Atlanta office rental costs, but you get quality, high-end space. Additionally, at Class A space leasing for an average of $36 per square foot, you get more bang for your buck than you would in other major metro areas like New York or Los Angeles.

2. Old Fourth Ward

Old Fourth Ward was the unassuming neighborhood where Martin Luther King Jr. was born. In the past few years, Old Fourth Ward has experienced increased growth, development, and popularity. However, Old Fourth Ward has maintained one unique character: it has remained a friendly neighborhood for small businesses.

Old Fourth Ward has several specialty shops, art galleries, restaurants, bars, and other charming local businesses. The demand for commercial real estate in Old Fourth Ward has increased considerably over the years, but the neighborhood still has a median office rental price. However, it’s not as expensive as other urban towns in Atlanta, such as East Atlanta and Cabbagetown. What’s more, Emory University is not far from Old Fourth Ward, so there will be no shortage of new grads for you to hire.

3. Poncey-Highland

Poncey-Highland is at one of the epicenters of Intown Atlanta’s development and growth, which makes the neighborhood a good place for small businesses to thrive. The town’s Master Plan for growth since 2010 includes the vision to have more active commercial corridors. It’s no wonder why it has remained a friendly place for Atlanta business startups.

Homesnacks City Reviews gave Poncey-Highland an 8/10 for amenities and a 7/10 for affordability. That means that while you have access to virtually all of the basic amenities you need, the cost of living and doing business, including Poncey-Highland office rentals, is relatively expensive but still affordable. On top of all that, several Emory University students and fresh grads live in Poncey-Highland; you will have no problem getting employable graduates or interns for your business.

4. Midtown

Midtown is no doubt one of the best places to start your business in Atlanta. The neighborhood offers an urban feel with several thriving small businesses and large firms. There are at least eight universities and colleges within a few miles of Midtown. It’s no wonder why the neighborhood is home to several young professionals, many of whom also work in the neighborhood. You shouldn’t have a problem getting staff or interns to hire for your business.

Midtown has a resident population of over 40,000 and a business population of over 80,000. The town attracts more than 6 million visitors annually for different cultural attractions and festivals. Starting your small business in a strategic Midtown, Atlanta location gives you direct access to these people. If you have a good branding strategy, you can reach other places when you sell or market your products and services to the thousands of visitors that come to Midtown daily.

Midtown has a diverse range of local amenities, making it one of Atlanta’s most popular neighborhoods. It maintains that sense of a community where everyone is welcome. Over the years, Midtown has not lost its unique and compelling identity. It is a prime location to live, start your business, work, and relax.

5. Inside the Perimeter

Atlanta residents often describe Atlanta neighborhoods as being “ITP” (inside the perimeter) or “OTP” (outside the perimeter). While ITP refers to the urban centers of greater Atlanta, OTP neighborhoods are suburban areas. There are several amazing neighborhoods to start a business in Atlanta, but ITP neighborhoods are more conducive to business growth.

“Inside the Perimeter” cuts across three different counties: Fulton, Cobb, and DeKalb, including Atlanta city. Starting your business in these areas puts you in close proximity to the urban centers of Atlanta, which will be an advantage for your Atlanta business’s success and growth.

Aside from the neighborhoods that we already mentioned above, other neighborhoods inside the perimeter are Decatur, Inman Park, and Virginia Highland, and more. They offer distinctive business-friendly advantages and offer the best of the best when it comes to our aforementioned criteria.

Bottom Line

We could list all of the neighborhoods inside the perimeter of Atlanta one after the other, because they are all great places to start your business. However, our top picks are the places we have mentioned above. You can visit these places to get a feel of what doing business there would look like. Whether you’re starting your business here or spreading your business to Atlanta, make sure you get a strategic but affordable office rental in Atlanta.

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