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5 best movies to watch during your pregnancy

Every woman in this world, at some point in her life, goes through the process of pregnancy and receives advice from others until the delivery is done. Pregnancy is one of the world’s most mysterious and natural processes. Only females know what they go through. Studies have shown that babies in the womb still get influenced, if you listen to music, the unborn in the womb hear that. This may seem a little ridiculous, but this is a fact. Whatever you eat, drink, watch and talk about during the pregnancy, your baby feels and is influenced by that. This is the reason why watching films, mood refreshments,s and eating well for better health of yourself and your baby is strongly recommended during pregnancy. Today I will share some wonderful facts and movies that you must watch during the pregnancy period to learn something cool. So, Let’s get started.

Why prenatal care is crucial?

Prenatal care or pregnancy care is extremely important until your delivery is done. Since it has a direct connection to your own health and your unborn baby as well. Over the course of time, Ambiguities and stereotypes related to pregnancy have lessened. Now if you are healthy during pregnancy means your baby is healthy. If you eat well, means you are feeding the baby well. The reason behind prenatal care is just to reduce pregnancy complications. There is a huge ratio of females whose pregnancy period got complicated because of taking good prenatal care which ended up in miscarriages. You should exercise daily, eat health supplements, and watch funny and informative movies that will help you to retain both your own and your baby’s health.

Facts that you may not hear of before:

These are the surprising facts that will shock you and I am pretty sure you never heard these before.

  • During pregnancy, your heart size grows
  • During pregnancy, your best size adjusts at various times
  • Your blood quantity increases up to 45%
  • Your baby in the womb tastes the food you eat and listens to the voices you hear.
  • Your memory while pregnant doesn’t work efficiently.

5 best movies to watch during your pregnancy:

These movies are the best movies comprises of funny screenplays and amazing scripts in order to watch on those crucial days. These movies surely be a source of enjoyment for you.

01)Knocked up 2007:

Story: The 2 main characters in this film are Alison and ben. Alison is a TV host and ben; they both have a meeting at a bar and ended up having a nightstand. A few weeks later Alison gets to know that she is pregnant, and she tells ben and they try to figure it out. They both have opposite personality traits. Alison is a hardworking young lady and Ben is a lazy and reckless guy. They decide to set up their priorities to get to know each other. You will love the screenplay and story building. Each scene is full of fun. You will have a good time watching this movie.

Release date: June 01, 2007

You can easily find this movie on YouTube.

02)JUNO 2007:

This is an Oscar-winning film that will tell all the feelings of a girl  (Juno) who is in her teens and gets unexpectedly pregnant by her boyfriend ( Paulie) and finally makes a decision to give the baby to a couple who is looking to adopt a baby. Finally, she met a couple, but later, the movie involves Juno so much in the affairs around her that she couldn’t figure out. Her parents are very supportive and trying to help her.

You must watch this movie to make yourself more strengthen in this period when you are terrified of everything.  The story is amazing. Each scene is full of emotions and once you start watching, it will captivate your attention.

You can watch this movie on YouTube and Amazon prime video.

Release date:  December 25, 2007

03)Away we go:

The story of the movie revolves around a couple who is having their first child and traveling around the country by encountering friends and family members who how and where exactly to start their family. Later on, they learn what type of parental skills are needed and how to avoid types of creepy advice from others. At the end of the movie, you will learn what home is. What home means. A pure relationship with members and affection.

You can watch this movie on YouTube and Amazon prime video.

Release date: June 05, 2009


This is a fantastic pregnancy documentary that is widely applauded since the idea behind it was truly pure and kind. This documentary covers the story of four babies from different parts of the world to show the world the first years of their lives. This documentary shows that no matter the location, language, and ethnicity. Babies are innocent and there should not be any racial difference. All the babies are cute and adorable. This documentary will make you learn a beautiful lesson, that humanity is one of the biggest relations among all people of the world

This is a worth-watching movie. You must give it a try. You can watch this movie on YouTube.

Release date:  June 16, 2010

05)Baby mama:

This is such an interesting story of a woman who is infertile and wants to get pregnant but after having several tests she finds out no results. She hires a surrogate for conceiving her child. She gives her space in her house as this is a comedy /romance movie where the surrogate always makes trouble for the lady. Every scene is full of comedy and it’s a wroth-watching movie that how surrogates demand huge benefits and want a good lifestyle for giving you a baby.

You can watch this movie on YouTube, Peacock tv, Amazon prime video

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