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5 Best Messaging Apps for Android

Best messaging apps for android

Are you looking for the best messaging applications for your Android smartphone? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right webpage. Here, I am going to share a list of the five most popular Android messaging apps with you.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –


WhatsApp is the most popular Android messaging application out there, with over 2 billion monthly active users. It will not be wrong to say that almost every person who owns a smartphone must have WhatsApp installed on their smartphone. Even though WhatsApp is such a popular and widely used messaging application, the stock WhatsApp application lacks many features.

  • Therefore, we have a modified version of WhatsApp named YoWhatsApp that you can use instead of WhatsApp. Yo Whatsapp is mainly known for its UI customization feature, but this modified version isn’t limited to UI customization only. It has tons of amazing privacy and security-related features such as hiding last seen, double tick, enhanced security, and more. Overall, YoWhatsApp is a must-have application for your Android smartphone.


When Telegram was introduced, it was promoted as an alternative to WhatsApp. But after putting consistent effort and improving its instant messaging application, Telegram has managed to make its own identity. In many ways, especially in terms of features and UI customization options, Telegram is much better than WhatsApp.

Due to these technical features, Telegram feels complicated to use, especially for some age groups. This is one of the reasons Telegram isn’t as popular as WhatsApp. Telegram mainly caters to the young audience who wants advanced features such as BOTs, secret chats, connecting with people without sharing your contact number, and so on.


The signal is my favorite messaging app, and for a good reason. Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, people have found it difficult to trust it for privacy. It created a void, and Signal appeared as a solution for it. The signal is an app designed for people who put their privacy and security on the internet above everything.

This free instant messaging application protects all your messages, video calls, audio chats, and more from the prying eyes of data-hungry organizations. That said, one boring thing about Signal is that it doesn’t boast fancy features like WhatsApp statuses and more. Instead, it mainly offers features that take your privacy and security to the next level.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and Facebook Messenger allows you to communicate with all your Facebook friends. This is one of the reasons Facebook Messenger continues to grow in terms of popularity and user base.

Apart from instant messaging to Facebook contacts, Facebook Messenger can be used to make payments and play online games with your Facebook friends. You can also make video calls using Facebook Messenger. The biggest drawback of Facebook Messenger is that it is quite heavy in size and requires a bit more CPU resources. However, you can use the Lite version of Facebook Messenger.


Snapchat isn’t just a messaging application. Instead, it is a fully-fledged social media platform where you can connect with new people, communicate with them, and make friends. Snapchat is like a moment-sharing platform, but what makes Snapchat the best is that it takes user privacy to the next level.

One of the most prominent features of Snapchat is that it deletes all your chats and messages after 24 hours. What’s more? Well, you get notified whenever someone takes a screenshot of your chats or pictures. However, the thing that has helped it become the most popular application for Android is its camera filters.

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