5 Best Free SD Card Recovery Software

SD Card Recovery Software

SD cards are popular as the medium for storing photos, videos, and audio recordings, such as digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, drones, and security cameras. A compact and large-capacity SD card has a faster speed, convenient for storing pictures, movies, videos, music files, podcasts, etc. However, the increase in the use of SD cards also increases the risk of data loss because they can be easily damaged if not handled properly. SD card recovery software is a helpful tool that can be used to recover lost video, photo, or music files. 

There are countless PC applications that will enable you to recover lost data from SD cards. These applications allow you to recover data from all types of storage media including SD cards. While everyone hopes they never need to use it, it’s essential to make sure you have the best SD card software, such as Wondershare Recoverit, if something goes wrong. 

You can take steps to reduce the risk of data loss, but no one can eliminate this possibility. Once you find out that the files got deleted, you should start using data recovery programs to recover your lost data. Let’s discuss these five free SD card recovery software that will help you

  • Wondershare Recoverit 

Recoverit Free Edition can help you to recover data from all types of Windows or Mac devices and storage media (such as HDD, SSD, external hard drive, floppy disk, USB flash drive, memory card). 

Key Features

  • It also recovers lost data from digital cameras and any other storage devices.
  • It supports any external USB storage media and memory cards. Free Edition can locate all file types and formats, such as documents, photos, videos, audios, emails, and other files.
  • It is also known as the best Mac data recovery software. In addition, you can preview the files for easy and accurate recovery.

If you are looking for a specific file or file type, many more advanced options are available for people with less technical experience. The options provided by Recoverit are very easy to understand, and its menu system can guide you step-by-step without any hassle.

  • Disk Drill SD Card Recovery

If you are looking for free SD card data recovery software, Disk Drill happens to be the best option after Recoverit. 

Key Features 

  • Any attempt to recover lost files in Disk Drill is more likely to be successful if they were recently deleted.
  • Disk Drill can also search for old files through its deep scan feature. 
  • This recovery software will completely check your drive and memory card. It can also look for deleted files to rebuild. 

There are a few good reasons to support Disk Drill as a beneficial SD card recovery software among the freeware options.

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The Easeus Data Recovery Wizard offers both free and paid versions. It also uses less power on your computer. 

  • It provides standard Quick Scan and Deep Scan functions, allowing you to find the latest files or perform a more thorough inspection. 
  • Its premium version costs $90 and is one of the most expensive software, but it also offers a trial version for those who want to try it before buying.
  • EaseUS enables you to search for specific types of files and direct the scan to a particular set of files by reducing overall scanning time. Since the trial version is limited to 500MB of data recovery, you need to pay the license fee before scanning the memory card for larger files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard sometimes runs a slower scan. The other advantage of this tool is that it has an outstanding reputation in the market to find damaged and deleted files. 

  • IObit Undelete

Another good option for free SD card data recovery is IObit Undelete. The software focuses on ease of use and several other aspects. 

Key Features 

  • One of its main advantages is that it can be used for free no matter how much data you need to recover.
  • This tool allows you to recover what you need without worrying about hitting the limit, and it can recover large files which you do not need to pay for.

IObit Undelete has received positive reviews from users for many other reasons, and most users are delighted, especially with the facilities it offers for free.

  •  Recuva

Recuva offers both free and premium versions, but the set of features locked behind the paid account is slightly different because data recovery in both is unlimited. 

Key Features 

  • Premium software is more important to some users. 
  • The advanced software also gives you the option of creating a backup by using a virtual hard disk before making any adjustments.

It also allows you to reverse any negative consequences. It is easy to use and as effective as any other free or advanced file recovery program available in the market.

Closing Words

Although these five software programs are among the best available for SD card data recovery, each program has a unique set of features and shortcomings that make it particularly useful for specific audiences. Some software requires a paid license; and you should always use the free trial version until you are sure that the program is suitable for you. In the end, you are the best judge of your needs. However, you can try out Recoverit, as it is the safest and most convenient tool for data recovery on PC and Mac.

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