5 Best Floodlight Techniques You Can Use to Light Your Home or Property

There are various types of floodlights you can install around your home or property, such as the normal light bulbs, LEDs, and vapor proof light fixture. You can use various types of floodlight products to light up your outdoor areas and make the outdoor areas even better looking at night. It can also make your home or property stand out from the surrounding areas. Here are 5 best floodlight techniques you can use to light your home or property:

1) Using Motion Sensors around the Floodlights

You can use floodlights for various things, and it’s not limited to lighting your home or property. You can also use floodlights to illuminate certain areas around your house or property at night using motion sensors. For instance, around the garage area, you can install floodlights that will trigger every time it detects a vehicle around the area. This way, the garage area will get illuminated by the floodlights whenever there’s a vehicle coming in or out, making it easier for you to park your vehicle around the garage area at night.

Using motion sensors around the floodlights can help make the floodlights even more practical and useful, as there are many applications you can use with this technique. You can install motion sensors and floodlights around the main gate of your house or property, the garage area, the backyard, and so on.

2) Layers of Lighting

The more layers of lighting you use for your floodlights, the better. More layers of lighting will add more illumination to the areas around your house or property, making them look even better. For each layer of lighting, you need to determine the floodlights suitable for it. It will depend on the purpose of your floodlighting application and the type of property you have.

For instance, you can use bigger bulbs and LEDs for wider areas of your house or property (the outer layer), while using smaller LEDs and bulbs for the smaller areas of your house (the inner layer). In the end, you will combine these lighting layers to create such a marvelous sight of your house or property at night.

3) Making the Important Features Stand Out

When putting the floodlights outdoors, you can choose certain features of your home or property and make them stand out. For instance, if you have a fountain outside of your house or property, and you would like to make it stand out during the night, you will need to put more floodlights around the area. You might also add different color LEDs and bulbs around the fountain area to make it look the best at night.

Some spots might be great for some special activities around your house or property at night. You can create various spots and apply different floodlights around these spots according to their themes, such as relaxing spots, romantic spots, meditative spots, and so on.

4) Using Soft Lighting to Create the Calm Feeling

Another technique you can apply in your outdoor floodlighting for your home or property is to use soft lighting to create the calm feeling. At night, you want your home or property to look serene and calm. You don’t want it to look too crowded with lights, which can be an annoying sight for the onlookers. So, it’s best for you to install the bulbs and LEDs with colors that are soft, which can help create a calm feeling for your home or property.

This technique will also help improve the scenery of the surrounding areas, making your home or property stand out.

5) Adapting to Your Home or Property’s Design

The design of your home or property is something that you need to keep in mind when applying floodlights for it. It’s best for you to apply the floodlights by adapting to the design of your house or property. For instance, you can follow the shades around your home or property to create the best lighting for dark places around the outdoor area. Illuminating the dark places around your house or property is important to make the most use of the floodlights. If you are planning to use it in various places in and around your house, then it’s better to get proper custom-made mold designs from the best injection mold components suppliers.

You can use different color combinations for your house or property to ensure that all lights blend around it. You can even make them match with the interior design of your house or property to create a sense of continuity around it.


These are the techniques you can use in your floodlight applications. For the best floodlight-related products, it’s best for you to order the products from a renowned LED light company like Phoenix Lighting etc. Good luck!

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