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5 Best Fintech Companies to Work For

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Financial Technology, or “Fintech” companies, use technology to improve the financial companies and activities in finance. This emerging industry works to improve the way that existing financial companies function, by enhancing the technology of financial services. Financial technology will help companies become more cost efficient, letting business take off at a faster pace. For these reasons, it is important to keep up with the best Fintech companies, for both investing opportunities and employment purposes.

1) Promontory Interfinancial Network

This Virginia-based Fintech company is small but mighty. Staffed at just 191 employees, Promontory Interfinancial Network provides FDIC-insured deposit placement services to their customers. The office includes a full gym with shower rooms, as well as security storage for bikes as employees are encouraged to commute by bike to work. This company is not only improving their employee’s health, but also their careers. The company budgets $2500 per employee for career development training each year!

2) nCino

If you’re looking to join a Fintech company that is very beach-friendly watch out for nCino! They are just minutes away from the beach in Wilmington, N.C., and the employees frequently go surfing together. Additionally, they offer free paddle-boarding and surf lessons during the summer months to employees. “Beach cruiser” bikes are kept available in the office for company use. This company is a cloud banking services provider headed by Pierre Naudé. Top employees are given “SWAG” dollars to use at the company store, an umbrella hat for “shining bright.” They have a non-profit community service arm, nVolve, run by the nCino employees. nVolve works with Habitat for Humanity, and collects food packages and backpacks for children in need. If you’re looking for a company that values nature and community service, nCino is the Fintech company for you.

3) SmartBiz Loans

This Fintech company specializing in SBA loans is located in San Francisco, California. CEO Evan Singer preaches the importance of getting employees together outside of the office through multiple activities. SmartBiz Loans sponsors activities like “Disco Yoga” and sports events for employees to get together. Meetings are often held while walking, as SmartBiz takes every opportunity to get employees on the move. Every month, the “Millionaires Club” is held at company meetings, and the top sales performer is able to win a cash prize. There is an additional “Above and Beyond” award, where employees can collect prizes like Bose headphones. Best of all, the company offers free biometric screening and pays for all health, dental and vision insurance costs.

4) Nav

Nav is an intriguing business credit monitoring Fintech, perfect for employees starting a family. Nav promotes flexible hours around employees’ family commitments, and offers unlimited paid time off for those needing parental leave. There are surprise outings for the 89 employees, including trips to movie theatres and sporting events to bond as a group. Additionally, if an employee refers a prospective new hire, they will earn an $1,000 bonus if and when that person joins Nav.

5) Nvoicepay

Nvoicepay is a Fintech company that specializes in accounts payable software for domestic and international b2b payments. If you’re looking for a fun Fintech company to work for, this company keeps in-office wine and beer kegs. According to the staff, the happy hours are beneficial to promoting cross departmental connections and problem solving. There are standing desks and stretching areas, encouraging the combination of exercise and productivity. There are also free monthly classes with a professional trainer and kinesiologist. Not only are there monthly cash bonuses, “random” bonuses are given out as incentive for employees to go the extra mile in their work.

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