5 Best Blood Pressure Apps to Keep a Track


High blood pressure could be one of the most likely and leading health conditions as you grow older. Therefore, it is crucial to keep a track of your blood pressure regularly. Not only this, if you often experience hypertension, monitoring your blood pressure should be a vital part of your life. Since hypertension can lead to cardiac arrest and ultimate death; thus, keeping a track of your readings is essential to maintain your blood pressure.

However, in order to check your blood pressure, you definitely require a monitoring device that measures your blood pressure and tracks your heart rate. But, if you don’t have a monitor, you can install the best blood pressure app for this purpose.

A blood pressure tracking application works similarly to a digital device that helps monitor and track your blood pressure while keeping your convenience. Through this app, you record your blood pressure readings, pulse rate, glucose and oxygen level in your blood, BMI, etc.

Top Five Blood Pressure Apps to Take Readings

With numerous mobile applications, it becomes pretty hard to pick the best blood pressure app. Therefore, below is the list of the five best blood pressure monitoring apps that will help you bring modifications to your life. you will find these apps absolutely free and keep your blood pressure norms balanced to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Cardio Journal — Blood Pressur

So, the number one android blood pressure app on the list is Cardio Journal – Blood Pressur, which tracks your blood pressure and reads its systolic and diastolic numbers. Not only this, your blood pressure, pulse rate, and actual body weight can all be monitored through this application. You won’t be distracted by any other aspects while measuring your blood pressure because the layout is quite simple.

Your blood pressure statistics are also shown in a variety of graphs, infographics, and bar charts. This app’s ease of recording changes in systolic and diastolic blood pressure is fantastic. Additionally, each and every reading’s mean pulse calculation is visible. Additionally, the app will set alerts so that you may consistently report your blood pressure measurement at the same time each day.

So, if this application indicates that your blood pressure is significantly higher, you can act promptly to identify its root cause. You can also strive to reduce it by taking action. Moreover, you can share the result with your doctors as well.

Compatibility: Android


How can you determine your risk of having a heart attack or stroke if you don’t regularly monitor your blood pressure? You need an all-around blood pressure control application with tons of great functions. Thus, an android and iOS blood pressure app, AVAX is right there for you.  You may view comprehensive blood pressure graphs, stats, and your BP condition, which displays how many times you have recorded.

In addition, you can monitor your weight, sugar levels, and medicine consumption along with your blood pressure readings. According to material in AHA/ASA Journals, the risk of hypertension is increased by being overweight. Therefore, monitoring your weight is essential since it affects blood pressure management.

Compatibility: Android and IOS

3. Blood Pressure Tracker

With the Blood Pressure Tracker application, recording your blood pressure data is quite easy thanks to its intuitive layout. Additionally, unlike many other apps, it does not contain any frills that are not required. You can store and share your records with your doctor, just like you could with the aforementioned app. Nevertheless, to do so, you need to upgrade to the premium version. The easy software Blood Pressure app accomplishes its intended task of tracking your blood pressure readings.

The application contains information like an examination of your systolic and diastolic readings, pulse rate, and weight. You can also choose from a pie chart showing your blood pressure readings, a line chart showing your average blood pressure, and a chart showing your weight.

Compatibility: Android

4. SmartBP – Blood Pressure Diary, Log, Tracker

The basic layout of the SmartBP blood pressure tracking application is incredibly simple to navigate and straightforward, allowing you to view the graphs and all of the information in a very useful manner. This app monitors your pulse pressure, heart rate, and body weight, which are directly associated with your systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

The outcome of this data can be compiled into an email and then forwarded to your doctor or another healthcare expert. It will be simpler to inform them of changes to your health as a result. Additionally, it will assist your doctor in making logical choices regarding your care.

Compatibility: Android

5. Smart Blood Pressure

If you wish to get actively involved with your own healthcare, this iOS blood pressure app is the best option. No matter whether you experience hypertension or hypotension, this application will assist you in monitoring your blood pressure readings. The fantastic part is that you can set blood pressure objectives as well, which will encourage you to improve your general health.

This application is able to monitor systolic and diastolic readings is its key feature. Additionally, you can keep track of your pulse rate and BMI. The tool will dynamically analyze each of these figures and provide solutions for improving your health.

Compatibility: iOS


With millions of options out there, we tried to make it easier for you to pick the most authentic and best blood pressure apps to monitor your blood pressure and keep its track. Each of the aforementioned applications is pretty straightforward and user-friendly that can record your systolic and diastolic readings to keep you aware of your current health condition. Other than monitoring your blood pressure, these apps also measure your pulse rate, current body weight, and heart rate. So, pick the best blood pressure app and analyze your health.

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