5 Benefits to Having a Generator on Your Camping Trip

When we go on a camping trip, we usually want to get away from screens and connect with nature. But are you ready to go entirely off-grid for your next outdoor adventure?

Bringing a generator can take a camping trip to the next level. And while you may be looking to get away from the 21st-century lifestyle, having a generator handy can ensure that everything’s taken care of and you can focus on enjoying your time outdoors.

Not convinced about packing a portable generator? Check out these 5 benefits and try again to pretend like you’re not tempted.

1. Be Ready in Emergencies

Just because you bring your phone along for the ride and hardly use it doesn’t mean it will last until you go home. And even if your car is nearby, charging your phone on your car can run down your car battery and leave you with an even bigger problem.

This is important even if you intend to connect with nature and not touch a phone. A charging source for your phone in case of emergencies could be the difference between a funny story to tell later and a terrible experience.

And beyond charging phones, having electricity can help in other emergencies, including providing light while performing first aid or powering a fridge for a cool, dry place to store medications. Having a dependable solar generator for camping that doesn’t run on gasoline ensures you and your friends or family are safe during the trip, no matter what comes.

2. Keep Food Fresh

According to the USDA, the safe amount of time to leave food out without refrigeration is only two hours. And while a cooler and some ice may do the trick, there are drawbacks, including needing to constantly buy ice for longer trips and your food getting soggy.

A mini-fridge powered by your generator will keep all your food, including possibly some tasty fish you caught, at the perfect temperature for food safety.

3. Keep the Site Lit

You want to be able to look up and stare at the stars. But then suddenly you realize just how dark it is at the campsite, you need to retrieve something in the dark, and you’re left fumbling for a flashlight.

A generator will keep your site lit — less in the exciting sense and more in a bright way. It will power your overhead lights to ensure you can always see what you need to.

4. Have a Means of Cooking

We love mother nature, but she doesn’t always seem to love us the same way. Between rainy days and fire advisories, lighting up a fire to cook your catch of the day or some oatmeal may not always be possible. And you can only happily survive off of trail mix for so long.

When you need a tasty meal without a fire available, using a hot plate powered by a generator is the perfect way to stay safe and dry in the tent while cooking up something delicious.

5. Maintain a Comfortable Temperature

We like to plan an idyllic camping trip around the perfect weather, but there may be surprises in store. So whether you’re facing an unseasonable heatwave or chilly nights, having a fan or space heater powered by your generator is not only a comfort but could keep you safe from conditions like heat stress or hypothermia without needing to cut the trip short.

Don’t Forget Your Generator

With such practical and important benefits of a generator for an outdoor adventure, it seems imprudent not to bring one. So when you’re packing up your tent, mats, and marshmallow roasting supplies, throw a generator in the trunk. You may not use it, but you’ll be happy to have it if you ultimately need it.

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