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5 Benefits of Using Plagiarism Checker Tool in eLearning

Plagiarism Checker

Since the shift from textbooks to laptop notebooks, the speed of the learning process has drastically increased. However, the question of whether the information quality available on the internet is up to standard will always leave us scratching our heads. This is increasingly more obvious in eLearning where students regard search engines as the paramount source of information.

Nowadays, learners have it extremely easy due to the wealth of information available online and usually turn in papers or assignments that are completely plagiarised. To combat this, online mentors/teachers turn to plagiarism checkers to ensure that the papers are plagiarism-free. 

It’s worth noting that a quality plagiarism checker in addition to detecting plagiarism, also checks for writing issues. Always opt for software that offers more so that you can have better control over the feedback or if you are a student/learner, your mistakes.

Plagiarism checkers usually include a free plan or and paid plan depending on your needs. If you are working/learning in the field of eLearning, read on as we are going to cover unique ground.

What is plagiarism?

First things first, we have to know what plagiarism is in order to avoid it.

Any quote or provided information without citation is considered plagiarism. Plagiarism hinders the learning phase significantly and doesn’t help the learner in the long run. The importance of original and unique works is what learners should strive for.

To combat the plagiarism problem, many teachers swear by the plagiarism checker method that’s readily available online. Read below to find out what a plagiarism checker is.

What is a plagiarism checker?

Plagiarism checkers are tools that instantly highlight copied and/or plagiarized content. Through the use of these tools, teachers force students to make learning progress and search for proper source citations. On the other hand, learners can make accidental plagiarism and they get punished for that. By using a checker, this situation can be avoided.

The benefits of using a plagiarism checker

There are various benefits to using a plagiarism checker. Read below to find out some of them: 

Quick assessment

The plagiarism checker tool goes over a whole text in a manner of seconds and returns concise feedback if plagiarism occurred. In addition to that, the tool will provide you with adequate corrections by searching through various databases and indexes.

If you are afraid that you accidentally plagiarised or suspect someone of plagiarism, copy the text and paste it on the checker’s website and see the results.

Learners get more out of their education

By going down the path of plagiarism, the quality of the education drops, and the accumulated knowledge is subpar. Nowadays, it’s so easy to receive help if you get stuck, regardless of whether the field is math, coding, or languages. 

For example, if you find yourself smothered by reams upon reams of coding homework that is due soon, then opt for the reasonable option and receive Python homework help anytime you feel overwhelmed.

Improves writing

As mentioned above, plagiarism checkers also offers alternative phrasings that can help learners hone their writing skills. Writing assignments isn’t easy and we all need a helping hand from time to time. 

As the text is returned, all the information is laid before you and you can analyze your mistakes in the field of phrasing, paraphrasing, wording, inappropriate register, and style. Then, you can act alongside the checker so that all of those mishaps are fixed.

The continuous feedback regarding quotation and referencing makes the plagiarism checker a learning enhancement tool.

Uphold your professional credibility

No one will take your platform seriously if the work of your students is plagued by constant plagiarism and you take no measures to combat that. In addition to helping you maintain your professional credibility, plagiarism checkers enables you to avoid issues like copyright infringements that can be quite costly.

Furthermore, learners can be made aware of the consequences of using other people’s work without permission. It’s safe to say that these tools can also help develop moral and ethical qualities in students which are very valuable virtues. 

Be sure to inform your students that a plagiarism checker will be used and inform them about the consequences that might follow upon the usage of plagiarism. 

Easy LMS adaptation

Plagiarism checker easily integrates with many learning management systems. With this feature, eLearning institutions keep it professional and incentivize learners to step up their assignment game. 

Reliable plagiarism checkers also help when you are looking to publish a work for the masses online. You don’t want to be caught red-handed with plagiarism plagued paper and deal with the backlash and infringements.

To sum up

A survey showed that 95% of students admitted to cheating or plagiarizing at least once during their studies and that’s why the world of eLearning stresses the importance of plagiarism checker usage. Make sure that you are always using plagiarism checkers to avoid problems and infringements. In addition to that, utilize the tools that are at your disposal and maximize your learning process.

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