5 Benefits of a Translated Website

The Internet is the door to the world, and it has become really helpful for website owners who are aiming to internationalize their businesses.

It is possible to have a website in multiple languages, but which are the deep benefits from it?

Sometimes when an entrepreneur starts a business, his first goal is to serve a local or national market, but within time, he aims to go further and aims to reach international markets.

Aiming to international markets can bring up international success and by consequence the business growth.

But, for the case of websites, a normal website without any translated content is not enough.

There are multiple options that can help you to translate a website, especially if you are using a WordPress website, where you can use plugins to translate it perfectly.

You can read further the WPML review, or Weglot review, to learn more about some of the WordPress or Shopify translation plugins that can help you with this process.

On top of that, if your language skills are not too great and you want to improve it, you can hire a professional translator who knows the language to do the job.

Keep reading to learn of the advantages of website translation.

Reach International Website Traffic

Having your website in multiple different languages will give you the chance to reach a bigger audience, and will also bring to your business more success in the long term.

It is great to receive visitors from different parts of the world, so it would also be great for you to translate your web pages for the user experience.

International SEO is a great plan to increase traffic from other countries, that is why your content should be perfectly SEO optimized to gain ranking positions in different countries.

As a website or an e-commerce store looks to grow in new countries, it will open up the chance for new international buyers.

Customer Engagement

It is sure that you will prefer and feel much more confident when you read a webpage and the website content in your own language.

So that is also the experience that new visitors from other places around the world will have.

Improving their user experience through their mother language will improve the engagement that they are having with the website.

As visitors see that the text is in their language, the probabilities that they will stay longer are better..

Boost your International Sales

Chances of boosting up international sales will increase if visitors can perfectly understand the full features and details of the products of your online store.

If visitors reach a website that has one language only, they might think that you don’t do international shipping, even if you are already sending packages internationally.

Then, a multilingual website will be similar to a sales assistant for the team if it has the content translated, and it eases the buying process by reducing the questions that they might have by properly understanding in their own native language.

Worldwide Brand Awareness

Another important benefit of having a multilingual website is that as you winn more and more international traffic, this helps as you are also improving your brand awareness.

You might already have a local or national brand presence that might be really helpful in your sales in your region, but if outside your area nobody knows about you, then it will need more time so that your brand gets recognized internationally.

Therefore, as a part of your International Digital Marketing strategy based on SEO, you can create your multilingual website, and also work on your international branding.

Differentiator of your Business

In markets where there are several strong competitors, you might grab an opportunity by aiming to grow outside your current market.

By creating a translated website you are pulling towards you potential international visitors that will choose to do business with you because of being able to understand what you are offering.

With a translated website, you will be ready to serve international customers, and probably your competition is not taking further steps in that direction.

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