5 Awesome Monuments Every Rust Gamer Must Know

5 Awesome Monuments Every Rust Gamer Must Know

Rust is one of the cruelest survival games out there. As a survivor, you need to find whatever you can to survive one more night in the wilderness festered by radioactive areas, bears, wolves, and other opponents. If you have recently started playing Rust, you must have come across different monuments on the Rust Maps. These monuments are visually appealing and are geographically challenging and massive. It makes them the best spots for getting more loot. If you want to explore more such sites, here are five astonishing monuments that every Rust player must know.

1. The Dome

Only a few monuments in Rust are as epic as the Dome. It is easily recognizable mainly because of its size – it’s massive. There’s one more exciting thing about it. If you decide to climb the Dome, you will surely be rewarded with handsome loot. But beware, any Rust player would agree that it is also one of the most dangerous monuments in the game. You are most likely to fall and die while climbing it. If you succeed in climbing it, you will get some fantastic loot.

What Makes the Dome Epic?

  • Assured loot of four military crates on the top of the Dome if you manage to climb it without dying. You’ll get some good ammo and medicines.
  • Comparatively lower radiation than other monuments.
  • An abundance of oil barrels. You can farm the low-grade fuel here.
  • The two refineries allow you to make low grade onsite from the oil.
  • A vast number of regular and military crates dispersed around the Dome.

2. The Launch Site

The launch site is one of the most dangerous monuments in the Rust, and it is massive in size and is highly radioactive. Despite all the danger, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to raid the launch site. The higher number of loot makes all the risk worth it. If you survive the radiation, you can collect a pretty good amount of loot.

What Makes the Launch Site Epic?

  • If you survive the dangerous radiation, you can get your hands on lots of loot.
  • Numerous elite crates contain unique items you will rarely get at other monuments.
  • There is a recycler, research table, and an oil refinery that makes it a lot interesting to even roam around the monument.
  • You can get plenty of regular and military crates around the main premises.
  • You get a massive number of crude oil barrels.

3. The Airfield

There are only a few monuments in Rust that are as old and legendary as the Airfield. Whether you get prefabs or custom Rust Maps, the Airfield beats every other monument. It is the oldest and most famous monument in the Rust. Thanks to its vast size, you can be assured of a lot of loot.

The relatively large Airfield has a massive flat area, with two runways, watchtowers, and hangers. If you find any concrete ladder holes, climb down from them and access the underground tunnel beneath the Airfield. You can find lots of barrels and crates as all the buildings on the Airfield are freely accessible. You will also come across a damaged concrete wall around the Airfield.

What Makes the Airfield Epic?

  • Although it is widespread, it is easier to roam around.
  • It also has lower radiation levels, which makes it easy to traverse and explore.
  • You get to access all the structures on the Airfield, such as the repair bench, recycler, refinery, and the research table.
  • As it is a large area, you get plenty of loot.
  • There are many regular and military crates scattered across the monument.

4. Military Tunnels

Military tunnels are one of the latest additions to the monuments in Rust. The tunnels are highly radioactive and festered with scientists waiting to kill. They are not the usual lab scientists, though; they are survivors. That means they can do whatever they can to protect themselves and fight way better than you can expect scientists to fight.

What Makes Military Tunnels Epic?

  • Plenty of regular and military crates.
  • You can find more boxes in the connected caves.
  • You can find plenty of barrels to farm in the surrounding fields.
  • It is more challenging than other monuments.

5. Trainyard

Trainyard consists of different parts of varying radiation. Some features are highly irradiated, while some are the same to explore. One thing that makes the trainyard the most desired monument for gamers is its tall tower. That means you can sniper out the enemies from the tower.

What Makes the Trainyard Epic?

  • The site isn’t fully radioactive.
  • Lots of crates.
  • Different structures like pump jack, recycler, and refinery.

These were some of the most amazing monuments that make Rust a feast for the gamers. Many other exciting monuments are available, which you can explore and play.

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