5 Automation Tools to Add to Your Technology Stack in 2023

Digitization is man’s best friend. It is a fact that businesses that work alongside tech can grow faster and better compared to those that don’t. Why? Because it enables them to work smarter instead of harder. Automation helps teams work more efficiently. Whether you’re a one-man team trying to scale up your startup or a mid-sized business wanting to streamline your processes, automation can help you work towards your goal. It will take care of the small and mundane things, so you can allot more energy to more significant things that significantly impact business growth. 

Businesses of every size can benefit from adopting automated solutions into their process, whether in your HR, finance, or IT department. Automation is especially game-changing for small businesses and startups that have limited time and resources to work with. Working with the right automation tool can help small-scale teams compensate for the lack of workforce. This way, it levels the playing field for them so that they can stand their ground versus bigger competitors.

Thankfully, a myriad of automation solutions is available today that businesses can choose from. Some can serve a specific need, some more versatile, but all serve the same purpose: to make life a little easier for you and your team. For tasks that would otherwise take days to finish, automation can help get them done in hours with the right tools. 

On that note, here is a list of essential automation tools that can help your team operate at your most efficient.

5 Automation Tools to Assist Your Business

1. Calendly

Calendly makes it convenient for you to schedule meetings in a straightforward and organized manner. It eliminates the back-and-forth of setting up an appointment. You simply have to attach a shareable Calendly link where your colleagues, bosses, and clients can pick a time slot to meet with you. This can be customized according to your availability, so you can properly space your meetings, breaks, and other priorities throughout the day.

Calendly syncs these appointments to your personal calendar and automates a notification to remind you of each upcoming meeting. This way, it will be hard to overlook important tasks or meetings.

“Every businessman is a busy man, so a tool that automates your schedule and bookings is a necessity. Thanks to Calendly, scheduling meetings can be done in a few clicks. If I have to estimate, using Calendly as scheduling automation saves me 4-5 emails,” shared Milo Cruz of Freelance Writing Job, a Calendly user. 

2. hireEZ

hireEZ is a talent data system and recruiting platform that helps recruiters find and connect with talents that would best fit the role they’re looking to fill. It provides a vast talent pool because the platform collects candidate data from 40+ open-source platforms like career sites and job boards online. It also assists businesses in other recruitment aspects, such as resume screening, interview management, candidate management, and reporting. 

“hireEZ provides the helping hands that I need since I am a one-man recruitment department. It takes care of the nitty-gritty, so I can focus my time and energy on evaluating the application results of each candidate and assess how they would match with my current team,” shared Garrett Smith of GMB Gorilla

3. Talmundo 

Talmundo assists companies in delivering a smooth and enhanced onboarding experience for their employees. It takes care of administrative tasks like document management, training management, task management, and distributing employee handbooks and feedback collection forms. Managers can customize the onboarding roadmap according to the requirements of their company and according to the needs of each employee. This way, managers can focus more on mentoring newbies to better prepare them for their responsibilities.

“Talmundo helped us create a standardized employee onboarding process, and our new hires gave great feedback about their experience. First impressions last, so employers and managers must ensure that the onboarding experience is comprehensive, smooth sailing, and engaging for the employee. Thanks to Talmundo, we made a good impression on the new members of our team,” shared Preston Powell, CEO of Webserv.

Employee onboarding is essential to a talent’s journey in the company because it sets the tone for their experience. 

4. Re:amaze Chatbot

Don’t have a customer service team? No problem if you have this tool. Re:amaze Chatbot acts as a modern helpdesk so businesses can provide top-notch customer engagement that leads to conversion. It helps companies to improve their response time by taking care of frequently asked questions so clients won’t get turned off by the long waiting period.

“Integrating Reamaze Chatbot into our website helped us nurture potential leads and lead them further into our sales funnel. It’s like having the support of a 24/7 customer service team in one tool, which is super handy”, said Nat Miletic, the owner and CEO of Clio Websites

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is perhaps the most trusted all-in-one marketing automation tool that businesses can use to create, send, and analyze ads and email campaigns. It is a versatile tool that can assist your business in many aspects, whether it’s omnichannel marketing, campaign management, lead generation, analytics, and many others. Its main goal is to provide capabilities to help businesses better understand customer journeys and implement behavior-based automation.

“Using Mailchimp was a great help in providing in-depth analysis of our omnichannel marketing ads, allowing us to improve on the next ones. I also use it to conduct a/b testing campaigns,” shared Alex Chaidaroglou, Director and Co-founder of Altosight.

Key takeaway

At this point, consider digitization an essential part of the team. If you’re still sticking to the traditional ways, make it a goal to automate at least one part of your workflow. For an easy start, pick one tool from the list above that you think offers a solution to your business needs. You can always start with a free trial to test its features and see whether it’s something that can add value to your processes.

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