5 areas where technology has significantly improved sports

The 21st century is undoubtedly a fascinating time to be alive.

Our world is awash with inventions, with technology enabling us to do things remarkably faster and, in some instances, achieve so much without breaking a sweat.

You can jet within continents, order Alexa to cook for you, or easily engage here

Indeed, the sports industry has enjoyed a fantastic touch of technology over the decades. This article discusses five significant areas where technology is revolutionizing sports.

1. Timing systems

In sports like racing, where time is used to determine winners, accurately recording the time is the most important thing.

Although we have had table clocks and traditional stopwatches, they have yet to prove 100% correct as they can be prone to human error. 

To deal with that, the advance in technology has introduced a new era of timing systems that effectively captures time. 

Timing systems that use laser beams are a popular type that is placed on the finish lines of track races. While timing systems designed as a touchpad for athletes to step on or touch may not require any unique clothing or accessories. 

The time systems might require the athletes to wear some accessories or unique clothing. 

2. Wearable tech

From the Apple Watch 4 to the Samsung Watch 5, simple wearable monitoring tech like smartwatches dramatically change how we see and engage with sports. 

The sensors embedded in wearable tech gadgets help athletes, and other personnel track breathing patterns, analyze motion, track and optimize sleep, and monitor heart rate, pulse, and other health stats to ensure that an athlete is fit.

Even outside health monitoring, wearables are also incorporated into sports monitoring. For instance, a smartwatch can be linked to receive signals from The Smart Ball System, which notifies match officials about the ball’s current position on the football field.

3. Data Analytics

Data analytics has increasingly consolidated its place in sports. Sports data analytics can be done in real-time by incorporating wearable technology and having them worn by players. 

This tech can either be woven in the jersey, placed in the shoes or sports equipment, or worn as a bangle by players.

With that, the metrics of individual players can be easily tracked, making it easier to predict the game or analyze other metrics like the team’s strategy, injury predictions, overall player performance, foul play, etc.

4. VAR Systems

When it comes to foul play, we had no choice but to rely solely on human decisions from referees. These referees traditionally saw with their eyes, and the accuracy of their judgments was inherently limited.

But thanks to Video Assistant Referee (VAR) systems, we can now have a more precise and faster response to whether there was a foul play.

VAR Systems reduced the fear of human errors and biased decisions when refereeing a match, which would have cost a team dearly. This tech is usually placed in a control room filled with off-pitch referees actively analyzing the game for foul play. Although it is exciting, it should always be used as an assistant.

5. Enhanced accessories

Regarding sports, safety and equipment durability can be an issue. Athletes want to play without worrying about injury or breaking their sports equipment. But thanks to tech innovations, we see sports equipment improve. 

In sports in the NFL, where players are prone to head and neck injuries, sturdy helmets using special technology were made to absorb shock and ensure the player’s safety. 

And in car racing, car brands are quickly turning to environmentally friendly technology while ensuring no reduction in car performance. 

Viewers are also considered when speaking of enhancing equipment, as we have noticed accidents happening outside the racing tracks and the match pitch. 

In that light, some sporting viewing centers have been equipped with solid glass like Borosilicate glass which absorbs shock and does not shatter. For instance, Borosilicate glass keeps the viewers safe in a hockey scenario. 

Indeed, tech can be woven into any aspect of life, including sports. With sports adopting tech innovations, analysis, tracking performances, and safeguarding players and viewers can be easily achieved.



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