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5.4 Force Day: 16 Classic Lightsaber Choices to Collect

Every year, the Star Wars community comes together to celebrate 5.4 Force Day, paying homage to the iconic phrase, “May the Force be with you.” The day was filled with expressions of fandom, from marathon viewings of Legends to cosplaying beloved characters. Of the countless ways fans have chosen to commemorate the day, collecting and displaying lightsabers – the quintessential symbol of the Force – stands out. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newbie, here are 15 classic lightsabers that are definitely worth adding to your collection.

1.Skywalker Saber

The Skywalker Saber is a classic piece of Star Wars lore, representing the legacy of the Skywalker family and their pivotal role in the galaxy. Its blue blade and elegant design make it a must-have collectible for any Star Wars fan.

2. Luke Skywalker’s green lightsaber (Return of the Jedi)

Luke Skywalker’s green saber is another iconic lightsaber he wielded in the Star Wars franchise. The lightsaber features its green blade, consistent with Luke’s character development and evolution of the Force as he becomes a Jedi Master. This lightsaber represents Luke’s growth and strength in the Force and is an essential collectible for Star Wars fans who love the character.

3. Darth Vader’s red lightsaber

This lightsaber uniquely has the function of extending the blade, which can expand the attack range during combat. Featuring a bold red blade and designed to reflect the dark side of Darth Vader, this lightsaber is the perfect addition to your Sith-inspired collection. However, “the problem isn’t his lightsaber itself. It’s Darth Vader himself.”


4. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s blue lightsaber

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s blue lightsaber is a classic symbol of Jedi weaponry. With its simple yet sophisticated blue blade design, it interprets the noble and tough Jedi spirit. For fans of the Jedi Order, they will appreciate the historical value of this lightsaber and its strong connection to one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars.

5. Darth Maul’s double-edged lightsaber

The double-edged lightsaber held by Darth Maul is a symbolic weapon. Its debut in the movie “The Phantom Menace” left an indelible memory for “Star Wars” fans. Featuring a dangerous red blade and a hilt that expands into a powerful staff, this sword showcases the deadly acrobatics and combat skills of a Sith Lord. Its unique design and close association with one of the most memorable villains in Star Wars history have made it a sought-after collectible.

6. Kylo Ren’s Cross Lightsaber

The cross lightsaber has the coolest looking lightsaber hilt and is also one of the most powerful lightsabers. Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is one of them, as it has the shape of the original sword. His lightsaber hilt has three emitters instead of one, which seems to be the best lightsaber design. All of these launchers fire blades. One launcher fires the main blade and the other two fire the side blades, giving the lightsaber its unique shape. Kylo Ren’s lightsaber also possesses the most powerful lightsaber crystal.

7.Dark Saber

While the Darksaber is not a traditional lightsaber, it is a unique and ancient weapon with deep ties to Mandalore and Jedi lore. In terms of its composition, the Darksaber is the coolest lightsaber. It is believed to contain the most powerful lightsaber crystals, however, the Darksaber has no crystals, it is made of pure Beskar and the hilt is also made of Beskar, making it the toughest and most powerful lightsaber hilt.

8. Ahsoka Tano’s White Lightsaber

Ahsoka Tano’s white lightsaber has a profound and significant meaning for loyal fans of this beloved character. After she left the Jedi Order, these two flawless lightsabers became a symbol of her independent spirit and persistence in her own path. The elegant design and simple lines of these lightsabers, combined with their strong connection to fans’ favorite characters, make them a perfect choice for avid collectors of the Star Wars franchise.

9. Umbrella lightsaber

The innovative imagination of Star Wars Fantasy has given rise to a fantastic new item – the lightsaber parasol. This product perfectly combines tradition and modernity and has unique charm. Its biggest feature is that the retractable blade is cleverly hidden at the top of the umbrella, allowing the wearer to easily switch to a powerful attack weapon while maintaining fashion. This combination of practicality and aesthetics makes the lightsaber parasol a unique collectible for fans of the Star Wars multiverse and innovative ideas.

10. Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber

In the Star Wars universe, purple is considered the most powerful lightsaber hue. Lightsabers of this color are extremely rare, with only a handful of Jedi wielding them. Mace Windu and Darth Revan are the only two people to have wielded a purple lightsaber.

11. Rey’s yellow lightsaber

After Rey buried Skywalker’s lightsaber, she lit up a yellow one, the strongest color of all lightsabers. We’ve only seen lightsabers in this color when we’ve seen temple guards using yellow and special designs. So this is the first time anyone has used a standard yellow lightsaber. This lightsaber instantly became one of the coolest lightsabers among all fans.

12. Baylan Skoll’s Great Lightsaber

Beran Skor’s extraordinary lightsaber is a striking weapon, both unique and magnificent in appearance. Featuring a long hilt and a powerful orange blade, this lightsaber was highly prized by Jedi who desired greater power in battle. Its stylish design and vibrant colors make it an ideal choice for Jedi enthusiasts looking for a lightsaber that is both elegant and powerful. When the great lightsabers collide, they release incredible amounts of kinetic energy, and even duelists like Ahsoka Tano, who has defeated Darth Maul in the past, find themselves overwhelmed by Belan’s power. suppress.

13. Count Dooku’s curved lightsaber

Count Dooku’s crescent-shaped lightsaber represents the wit and familiarity of the Sith. Featuring a twisted handle and a sharp red blade, the sword is renowned for its unique fighting style and ability to quickly disarm an enemy. Lords aspiring to join the ranks of the Sith will treasure the uniqueness of this sword, making it an essential addition to any Sith-focused collection.

14. Asajj Ventress split knife

Asajj Ventress’s Split Sword is a distinctive double-edged lightsaber that stands alone among the other weapons on this list. What makes this sword special is its curved grip and red blade, which reflect Ventress’s technical prowess as a Dark Jedi. It also has the ability to decompose the blade into two independent lightsabers, giving the user a wider range of strategic options in battle, so it is a must-have for fans of this complex and interesting character. A missing collection.

15. Inquisitor lightsaber

Inquisitor lightsaber, this weapon that symbolizes the power and ferocity of the Sith Inquisitor, is used to hunt down Jedi Knights and other sensitive individuals who have strayed from the true path of the Force. Its design is inspired by rotating helicopters. The black blade is inlaid with fiery red elements, giving this lightsaber both a powerful visual impact and a formidable aura.

For fans who love the dark side, the Inquisitor lightsaber is undoubtedly the most attractive existence. Its deep and dangerous allure, as well as its close connection with the Inquisitor, add to the mystique of this weapon. Whether it is its unique design style or the powerful energy it carries, the Inquisitor lightsaber is an existence that cannot be ignored.

16. Ezra Bridger’s pistol-handled lightsaber

Ezra Bridger’s pistol-handled lightsaber is a unique weapon that showcases the ingenuity and innovation of its wielder. Featuring a blaster-like shape and blue blade, this lightsaber embodies Ezra Bridger’s unique and unconventional fighting style.

Its unique design concept and close ties to the Star Wars Rebels series make it ideal for collectors looking to add to their lightsaber collection.

in conclusion:

Celebrate 5.4 Force Day by expanding or starting your lightsaber collection, bringing a special kind of joy to Star Wars fans. Each lightsaber has its own story and design, adding a piece of the galaxy far, far away to your home. Whether displayed on a wall or used in friendly duels, these lightsabers are testament to the enduring legacy and appeal of the Star Wars saga. May the Force guide you in your search for these classic lightsabers!


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