4K Art among Pixels. This Hidden NFT Gem is Opening Sale in Partnership with Rarible and 1inch

The NFT collection inspired by humans’ inner world and reflection is about to launch after drawing massive attention from Rarible, 1inch, Doodles, Cereal Club, and others. 

New NFT collection YOOMOOTA is going live partnered with Rarible, 1inch, and other industry-leading companies. YOOMOOTA has already collaborated with the most popular collections in the world, including Boss Beauties with the woman-led global initiative, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, Karafuru, and many others.

 Numerous art collaborations with projects like GodJira, Dippies, and others helped YOOMOOTA to attract more than 60,000 backers. Moreover, the art has even drawn the attention of  Cozomo de’ Medici who is well-known in the NFT world.


In the process of creating the collection, the artist Taras addressed natural physiology, exposing the real beauty of a human being. The idea behind the collection is highly evaluated by leading NFT industry influencers and competing collections.  Each piece of art shows the emotions, feelings, and psychology of a human.

Collection’s background 

The YOOMOOTA universe has been developing for two years of the author’s self immersion, with the active creation process going on for the last six months. Every object in the universe is somehow humanized as it represents people’s feelings, thoughts, and traits.

Thanks to the rapid development of Web 3, it became possible to turn the artist’s dreams into something real and introduce the YOOMOOTA metaverse to the public. 

The creator is willing to make the metaverse something more than just another collection. He has already created a community of both creators and viewers that accepts everything and everyone and encourages users to express their emotions and views.

Prior to the launch

Despite the creative nature of the collection and the mind behind them, YOOMOOTA understands the current rules and conditions of the NFT market and is actively working on its ambitious roadmap. The team is aiming to create a P2E Game by the end of 2022 so preliminary work has been already undertaken. 

The collection collaborated and made friends with 18 NFT projects we have mentioned before. On its official Twitter account, YOOMOOTA thanked all of them for the help with getting started.

 YOOMOOTA will become available for whitelisted investors from May 4, 2:00 p.m. UTC, to May 5, 3:00 p.m. UTC, for everyone else.

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