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4 Ways To Promote Your Business Using Your Vehicle

Promote Your Business

A business vehicle can be more than just a method of transport for you and your goods. By modifying your vehicle, you can also turn it into a moving billboard for advertising your business. 

There are a few different ways to use your vehicle to promote your brand. Such promotional tactics could help increase brand awareness, help existing customers easily identify you and help showcase a sense of professionalism – all of which could help you secure more customers. The following guide lists 4 different methods of promoting your business using your vehicle. 

Bumper stickers

The simplest way to promote your company is by using branded bumper stickers. These are vinyl stickers that you can stick onto your vehicle (most people stick them on the bumper, but they can also be stuck to the side of your vehicle).

A bumper sticker could contain your logo to help customers identify your vehicle. Alternatively, you could add information such as your phone number or website address. These stickers tend to be small, so you don’t want to try to cram too much information onto them – a vinyl wrap is better for these purposes.

There are companies online that can produce custom bumper stickers for you. An advantage of bumper stickers is that they are cheap to order and you can easily install them yourself.

Vinyl wraps

A vinyl wrap involves wrapping a sheet of vinyl around the bodywork of your vehicle. These vinyl wraps can contain printed logos and other information to help advertise your business. You can even use vinyl wraps to completely change the colour of your vehicle (which could be useful if your company has an identifying colour scheme). 

Vinyl wraps are much more economical and practical than printing information directly onto the bodywork of your vehicle. The vinyl wrap is fitted over the top of your existing bodywork and can be easily removed if you ever want to sell your vehicle. Vinyl wraps may even have the advantage of protecting your bodywork from minor dents and scratches, preserving the value of your vehicle.

There are vinyl wrap companies that can help you design and manufacture your vinyl wrap. They can then install the vinyl wrap onto your vehicle. It is not recommended that you attempt to install it yourself as it is very fiddly and intricate work.

Personalised number plates

A personalised number plate could be another way of promoting your business on the go. Finding a number plate that relates to your industry or brand name could help customers to identify your vehicle and make your company appear more serious (or potentially more fun, depending on the plate you choose).

Number plates also have the advantage of being transferable – if you get a new vehicle, you can transfer your plate to the new vehicle. You will have to pay a fee to do this, but it’s generally not too expensive. 

There are sites online where you can search for number plates to buy. The cost of number plates can vary a lot – you may be able to find cheap number plates that reflect your company and brand, or you may find that you need to spend a little extra to find something relevant. Number plates containing popular words and dates are likely to cost more. 

Roof signs

Another unique way of advertising your business is to add a roof sign. This is a magnetic sign that attaches to your vehicle’s roof. 

Roof signs are popular among taxi firms and driving schools. Some food delivery companies (such as Domino’s) and trade companies also use them to promote their brand. A sign could be something simple such as a plaque containing your company name. Alternatively, you could opt for a creatively shaped sign or one containing bright colours to help draw attention.

You can find companies online that manufacture custom roof signs. Once your sign is produced and delivered, you can easily install it yourself. 

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