4 Ways to Find Real Estate Leads when Selling Houses

Estate Agents struggle to find clients just like the rest of us. So here are some great ways to generate leads in property sales.

If you work in real estate, the chances are you have just gone through a busy time. The housing market exploded during covid-19, and right when everyone thought it would have to be frozen, too. So people needed more space, and more space meant more property searches, which meant more new real estate agents are springing up.

With so much new competition in a market that’s already reasonably well saturated, some businesses just couldn’t keep up. If you are one of the few who didn’t cut, then this article is for you. We researched some of the best ways for you to find real estate leads in your area so that you can get back to business as usual.

The 4 Top Tips for Lead Generation in Real Estate

If you are desperate to find some leads, here’s how you do it without breaking the bank.

1 – Invest in Potent Software

Lead generation is made so much easier when you have intelligent software that can track everything for you. With field service management software, you have the power to track down leads, review potentially interested parties, generate growth on your website, and even keep everything in one place. Lead generation takes half the time and frees you up to make money when you do it with the help of your tech.

2 – Strengthen your Online Empire

The better positioned you are in the online world, the better you gain from the market. Did you know that the top three spots in Google search results earn a whopping 70% of all the traffic? That means if you’re not in those top three spots, you’re missing out… and heaven helps you if you are on page two. Unless it’s a backlink, there’s just no point.

Building up your online presence will seriously impact your lead generation abilities. If you don’t have a website, start there. If you do have a website, look at all the accounts linked to it. You could potentially generate an extra 10% traffic if you just link to your site from social media accounts. Broaden your grip on the online world, and leads will come.

3 – Consider Advertising

If you have been well versed in lead generation for your real estate business for some time now, but are still experiencing a lull, then consider digital advertising. The cost per click for ads has gone down significantly because it is affordable even to the little guy. In addition, using digital advertising to attract new growth to your company is simply common sense.

4 – Ask for Help

When was the last time your friends and family members shared your business on social media? Does the local newspaper know you exist? Could you guest blog on someone’s site to give yourself more links? All of these are possibilities that could see you generate more business for your real estate empire. 

Lead Generation is at Your Fingertips

One thing is for sure: only you have the power to change your fortune. But, will it be for the better or worse?

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