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4 Ways Technology has Changed How Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are Manufactured

Modern vacuum cleaners have become a staple item in many homes as opposed to the old sweeping with a broom method. Vacuum cleaners from the 80s were noisy, easily overheated, and were much bigger. Newer models have been made easier to carry around by making them smaller, and have new features like Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone control.

Technology has advanced very quickly in a short space of time, and the manufacturing of industrial vacuum cleaners is no different. Continue to learn of the new technologies being introduced in the manufacturing world, and how industrial vacuum cleaners have changed to become more user-friendly.


Cordless technology makes it easier to move around, and you won’t have to deal with long annoying cords. Vacuum cleaners with cords also have to be unplugged each time you clean a different room, so it can take longer.

The only real downside to this is that most batteries will only last about 30 minutes per full charge. This solution isn’t ideal for industrial vacuum cleaners that need to clean large office buildings, as the battery will run out long before you have finished. Industrial vacuum cleaners need to have a lot more durability and often battery-operated appliances are not as strong as electric ones.

Hair Removal

From pets running around the house to brushing your hair every day, you will find hair all over the place and it can be troublesome to get out even with the best appliances. Office buildings have it even worse because numerous people are walking around and humans lose on average 100 strands of hair each day.

Anti-hair wrap technology uses a motorized brush and bar that rotates to grab hair stuck to carpets or hard-to-reach places. Alongside the brush is a bristle-guard that helps to remove the hair to be easily pulled into the filter with suction.

Smart and Automated

We are connected to every aspect of our lives with a device and even our homes work on smart technology. And Windows 11 will launch soon and it will feature even more connectivity. This means that you can connect your vacuum cleaner to a cell phone through Wi-Fi, monitor the vacuum cleaner, and give it on-demand commands.

This works great for robotic vacuum cleaners that may need to be adjusted if it hits a wall or can’t navigate over a bump on the floor.

Information Display

Wouldn’t it be great if your vacuum cleaner told you when there is a blockage or when the filter needs to be replaced? The latest in industrial vacuum cleaning technology can do just this. New machines have a digital display that shows all the controls and device information. For battery-powered cleaners, it will tell you how long the battery will last.

This technology allows you to choose a cleaning mode based on how dirty the floor or carpet is and if you have missed any major dust bunnies or dirt.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are essential appliances to keep surfaces clean and free from dust that can make a person ill. Technology has allowed manufacturers to design industrial vacuum cleaners that are easier to use and make cleaning a breeze.

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