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4 Ways Penetration Testing Services Help Protect Your Business Data

Penetration testing is a security exercise where a white-hat hacker hacks into your computer system to check for any vulnerability that could compromise the confidentiality of your business data. The white-hat hacker will use internal and external attacks on your network devices, servers, intranets, web applications, and wireless networks. 

After hacking your system, the white-hat hacker will generate a report of their findings and recommend effective security controls. Here are four ways penetration testing can help protect your business data. 

A High-Level Management Report 

Penetration testing services reveal weaknesses in your computer system, networks, and applications. After hacking your system, a white hat hacker will generate a high-level management report detailing the vulnerabilities and problematic access points. The report will also contain measures that you can take to keep your business data secure and minimize security risks. 

The results of a penetration test may vary according to your white-hat hacker’s skill, active or inactive firewalls, the duration of the test, and system changes during the test. To ensure that you get a comprehensive report, work with a seasoned white-hat hacker who can perform multiple tests to find all the weaknesses in your systems. 

Penetration Testing Services Provide an In-Depth Technical Review Document 

Penetration testing services provide an in-depth technical review document that includes a comprehensive list of the findings, as well as the technical details of vulnerabilities. By going through the technical review document, you can discover issues that pose the most danger to your systems and network. Thereafter, you can start implementing measures that work to protect your business data, including hardware upgrades, software upgrades, or configuration changes.

Actionable Insights Prioritized by Impact

Penetration testing services generate actionable insights. For starters, penetration testing reveals weaknesses in your systems and networks and includes suggestions for hardware and software upgrades to protect your business data. 

Secondly, penetration testing reveals hackers’ methods. One of the main goals of white hat hackers is to launch real attacks on your systems and networks using black-hat methods. After finding weaknesses, white-hat hackers exploit those weaknesses to help you identify areas of your systems and networks that need to be improved. 

Thirdly, penetration testing tests your business’s response to real cyber threats. When you know how your business responds to cyber threats, you can prepare tools and tactics to prevent and mitigate attacks and keep your business data secure.   

Support To Fix What Needs To Be Fixed in a Timely Manner

Penetration testing services help you identify and fix the system and network issues in a timely manner. If, for example, findings from the penetration test show that there are problems in your networks, you can fix these problems quickly by strengthening your business’s security posture either by closing unused ports or eliminating all security loopholes. This way, you eliminate the problems before black hat hackers can exploit them.

Try Out Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing can help you assess your business’s health. A penetration test will show you how successful or unsuccessful a cyber attack on your business can be and suggest ways through which you can preserve sensitive business data and develop effective security measures. Conduct a penetration test today to ensure your business data is protected from intruders.

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