4 Ways InsurTech Is Beneficial for Disability Insurance Claims

For many of us, including our families, the process of applying for disability insurance claims is a source of confusion and even dread. The idea of embarking on this process during trying financial times can be daunting. So how can insurance companies go about speeding up this process without putting compliance and efficiency in question?

The answer? InsurTech.

Being unable to work for long or even shorter periods of time after an unexpected “life event” can leave an individual feeling worried. Some individuals may find themselves in a panic to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Luckily, the advancements of insurance technology supply new and more proactive tools for those thinking about filing a disability insurance claim. 

There are four significant ways InsurTech is beneficial for disability insurance claims:

1. Breaking Through Disability Barriers With Technological Accessibility

Now, more than ever, technology has opened the doors for those with disabilities. InsurTech now offers advancements related to information and communication technology (ICT) access that include:

  • Screen readers for applications and site details 
  • Informative insurance videos with audio descriptions 
  • Online medical documents displaying alternative text on images

Breaking through these barriers allows the disability insurance claims process to flow more smoothly for individuals with disabilities that limit alternate methods of application completion. Today, online systems, websites, and mobile applications are continuously improving ICT access across all platforms to digitize application materials appropriately for inclusion purposes.

2. A Streamlined Interview for Your Disability Insurance Claim

Whether you are planning on applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), anyone seeking disability insurance claims must undergo a disability interview. After completing a successful interview, this action will likely put an applicant on the right track for processing.

This meeting will prove the severity and need for insurance in the specific situation at hand. Evolving technology now allows you to apply online and complete the interview over the phone to bypass in-person appointments, scheduling conflicts, or transportation issues due to an ongoing disability. 

3. What Artificial Intelligence Can Do for Data Processing 

By using machine learning to transform traditional data collection processes, it’s possible to store and analyze information at a faster speed than ever before. This advanced processing is brought to the business mainstream by top artificial intelligence (AI) solutions which unlock advanced analytics while ensuring the privacy of personal health information (PHI).

With the increasingly high volume of data reviewed for disability claims today, AI provides one solution for returning vital information to applicants in a timely manner. 

4. First-of-Its-Kind: Making Strides With Advanced Software for Disability Claims

Disability insurance technology solutions companies are unpacking their latest technologies, and it just keeps getting better. New digital platforms are solving common obstacles found throughout the claims processing experience. This software now digitizes:

  • Benefit validation
  • Digital documentation
  • Social Security Disability
  • Existing systems and programs
  • And more

These new tools may be utilized by both applicants and insurers, integrating critical touchpoints between both parties for transparency, efficiency and accurate reporting. This intelligent automated technology creates a seamless experience for claimants, reducing stress and opening new doors for further improvements every day.

What Does the Future Hold for Disability Insurance Claims?

The coming years herald continuous advancements in technology for the healthcare industry and insurance claims. As long as consumers are guaranteed protection of their data and receive transparency notices for new InsurTech procedures, these tools will enhance disability claims processing and enhance the user experience even further.

Taking Action: Applying for Your Disability Insurance Claim

Be sure to review the four ways that InsurTech may help your case, streamline the application process, and ensure you get the answers you need as quickly as possible.

Taking advantage of these technological benefits will improve application speed and leave you feeling more in control when it comes to your healthcare needs.

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