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4 VR Escape Room Beginner Tips

VR Escape Room

Escape rooms can be challenging because, after all, the whole idea of them is to exercise your brain and stimulate the neurons that help you solve puzzles. However, if you add VR technology on top of that, you can get disoriented in a whole new way. If you’re new to virtual reality, your first experience in a headset can be intimidating, especially if you’re immediately plunged into an intensely immersive fictional setting with magic, demons, lasers, and ticking bombs that endanger the city (depending on whose Escape Room you like).

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best advice for your initial escape room VR experience London. These small tips, when used in conjunction with the help of your VR Master that day, will help you move through the game quickly and achieve victory.

1. Virtual reality escape rooms differ slightly from traditional ones.

If you enjoy solving puzzles, you may have participated in a few real-world escape rooms and perhaps have a picture of yourself on one of their walls of fame for top scores. Although, such experience will undoubtedly offer you an advantage, be ready to deal with certain variances.

One is that our games don’t take place in a certain space. Yes, the name is a fabrication. As an alternative, you will be making your way out of massive prison complexes, labyrinthine haunting sanctuaries, floating islands connected by magic portals, and more. Expect the unexpected because a VR game’s universe can be as expansive and opulent as one from a Hollywood blockbuster. You might be battling menacing creatures, gliding across a gorge on a virtual zipline, or smashing the building right behind you with a sledgehammer. In a VR escape room, nothing is off limits—not even the sky.

2. Cooperation makes the escape possible.

You are not stranded there by yourself, wherever it is that you’re trying to flee from. The key to winning the game is teamwork, and you can have up to six buddies on your side. Six heads are better than one, so talk to your teammates, come up with solutions, and share ideas with them. Make sure to share any clues you discover with your fellow escapees in order to keep them informed because the game will occasionally separate you or provide information to some players but not others. And while exploring the vast virtual world, be careful to stay together. After all, a lone adventurer stuck in a terrifying cave makes an ideal target for the creatures.

3. Teleport out

However, you might be wondering: How do I get around in a world that doesn’t exist? Teleportation is the solution. You can move about the game environment with your controllers while remaining motionless outside the game. You can point a laser beam where you wish to go by pressing a button, and the game will then transfer you there. It does feel a little unusual, and certainly, getting used to it could take some time. Fortunately, each game starts in a waiting area, giving you time and space to warm up.

4. For ease of use, items are color-coded.

The genuinely overwhelming amount of objects you’ll have to go through in the games is another reason why they feel so much larger in scope than actual Escape Rooms. In the virtual world, practically anything can be picked up or interacted with, but that doesn’t mean you have to. The majority of what you discover will be purely decorative set pieces intended to increase immersion. The items are all color-coded to help you identify them, saving you from wasting time in the cyberpunk workshop by picking up every screw. 

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