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4 Upgrades to Make to Your Business During the Summer Break

4 Upgrades to Make to Your Business During the Summer Break

If you’re looking to make some investments into your business, or some upgrades, summer can be the perfect time to do so. Many of your employees will take their vacations during the summer, meaning that there might be a few days – or even a few weeks – where your office is empty and you can make the most of this time to upgrade your business. If over the past winter you noticed a few things were on their last legs, I suggest fixing them during the warmer months so that by the time the temperature starts to drop, you’re confident that your business will be able to handle the harsh winter weather. Keep reading to learn my top 4 upgrades to make to your business during the summer break:

1. Look at Your Pipes

Regardless of whether you have a customer facing business or not, the quality of your water pipes will be essential to your employees. If your building’s pipes are old, there’s a big chance that they could burst when there’s the next cold snap, resulting in water issues and potential damage to your building. It’s important to protect pipes from freezing to ensure that this doesn’t happen, as without running water you won’t be able to flush the toilet, or even have water to drink. Changing your pipes or installing some technology to help keep them warm during the summer is a great idea because it means you’ll be ready for winter and whatever the weather throws at you.

2. Consider Your Room Temperature
If your office space is too cold, your employees will have to bundle up to stay warm which can impact their productivity. If you operate a storefront or business that has clients on site, then cooler temperatures can impact how long someone wants to stay around your store or business. I suggest investing in a smart thermostat that can communicate directly with your smartphone when the inside temperature drops below a certain temperature. You can even implement some heating solutions that work automatically with your smart thermostat. Installing a heat pump can be a great way to easily regulate your business’ room temperature, you can learn more about some great options here.

3. Upgrade to the Cloud

If your business still works with physical documents and files, it’s time to upgrade to the cloud. This can be quite a labor intensive process, so if your workload declines considerably during the summer months, summer can be the perfect time to have the energy to focus on this laborious task. Having all your documents available on the cloud, accessible remotely and by multiple people at any one time can be a game changer if you’re looking to grow and scale your business.

4. Make Your Space More Inviting
Our moods are very dependent on where we are, and what kind of environment we are in. For that reason, I think it is worthwhile investing in your business to ensure either your staff or customers are delighted to be there. Creating a cozy ambiance in terms of aesthetic, looks, and even smell, can do a lot to transform your business into somewhere people love to be. You’ll notice your employee’s productivity and enthusiasm goes right up, as well as an increase in sales if you operate with a physical store. Small changes can bring big results, so invest in some beautiful candles or fresh flowers, and consider updating some of your decor and ensuring that your business is somewhere you want to be. If you’re looking to upgrade your pressure sensors, take a quick look at this website for some great options.

While many people think of spring as the time for spring cleaning and preparing for a new year, I actually find the summer break to be a fabulous time to make some changes to my business. Hopefully these tips inspire you to transform your business during the summer break. 

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