4 Tips to Purchase Golf Clubs for Beginners

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Many aspects go into mastering the complicated game of golf. Indeed, to play a superb game, one should be in excellent physical condition with flexibility and strength. Other skills needed to improve a player’s score include the ability to relax before a swing, match your swing to your body type, and your clubs should be fitted to your body, swing, and preferences. As a novice to golf, you may see top rated brands and, understandably, feel a bit confused.

It’s bad enough that the rules of golf are challenging to understand on a good day, but when the equipment makes your head spin, too, well, it’s time you got some help. After all, it’s a big decision and investment when you purchase your first set of clubs. And how much do you really know about a driver, fairway wood or putter? And to top it off, if you don’t choose wisely based on skill level or body type, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Read on to find out more information on the best golf clubs for beginners and what to look for in your first (or second) set of clubs.

Tip #1 Test Drive the Clubs

No, you’re typically not going to be allowed to take them out to the club to try them out (unless you’re purchasing from a friend), but most stores should have a putting green you can test out the putter on or take some practice swings. Don’t go based on looks alone or even reviews that you read online. Indeed, what works for one person might not (and probably won’t) work for another person. So, your best bet is to test them out yourself.

Tip #2 Avoid the Bundle…At First

We’re talking about newbies here, and as such, you probably should avoid the bundle of clubs at first. You just don’t need that many clubs, to begin with; no matter what the golf “pro” at the sporting goods store says. Instead, you should go for a half set that’s put together with the beginner golfer in mind. Official rules state a player can have as many as 14 clubs in their bag. Therefore, your half bundle would be around 7 clubs as you get started. When you improve, you can add to the bundle or trade it in completely on a new set.

Tip #3 Size Matters, But Not How You Think

While you might think the bigger the driver, the better. That’s not the case for a novice. While the average size of a driver is 45″, someone just starting in the sport may want to go with a shorter size for increased control and better results. But any way you look at it, the driver is usually going to be the longest club in your Stache and have the largest head.

Tip #4 Picking Out a Putter to Purchase

Probably your most used club, the putter is the one you’ll use to send that ball into the cup. It has a flat face to steer the ball in a straight line. This is one club that should definitely be tried on for size at the store, aiming to keep it parallel to the ground as you strike the ball. Consider the loft of the putter, too. One with the right amount of loft will not bounce as much and will therefore roll straight.

Golf is a great game that individuals can play most of their lives. Start the sport out right by purchasing the right set of clubs the first time.

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