4 Tips to Prepare your Business for a Crypto revolution using the Bytus Platform

Bytus Platform

With its market value crossing the $1 trillion milestone, cryptocurrencies can now be viewed as a reliable digital asset that can act as a decentralized mode of buying or selling products (or services). Through its digital payment platform, Bytus is now transforming the way of using cryptocurrencies as a payment medium.

Are you ready for the cryptocurrency wave in your business? Here are 4 tips that can help you leverage your Bytus payment platform:

1)  Utilize all your Bytus Tokens.

As a digital payment platform, Bytus aims to introduce cryptocurrencies as an accepted payment method. Bytus Tokens is the only utility token that cryptocurrency users can utilize for all incoming & outgoing transactions. The more the number of Bytus tokens, the more the number of transactions they can perform in a limited time (example, 10 transactions for 10 tokens in 24 hours).

As a user, you can also freeze your tokens – such that they become inactive for 24 hours after a transaction.

2)  Implement faster transactions with Bytus Private Blockchain.

Developed using the open-source and modular Graphene chain protocol, the Bytus Private Blockchain has facilitated over 1 million retail stores to be able to receive crypto-based payments for their goods or services. By enabling hundreds to thousands of transactions each second, this private blockchain has significantly reduced the required bandwidth for block propagation.

Add to that, the Bytus private blockchain network secures all your transactions, while keeping them transparent for public records at the same time.

3)  Buy and sell cryptocurrencies using Bytus Wallet.

The Bytus Wallet is the place where you can store all your Bytus Tokens. Additionally, the Bytus Wallet supports all established cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. 

With the Bytus wallet, you can buy/ sell cryptocurrencies or make digital purchases on this platform. Before any purchase, this digital wallet calculates the cryptocurrency amount required to complete the transaction and converts the amount into fiat currency. The Bytus wallet also provides the convenience of contactless payments or QR code scanning to make the purchase.

4)  Perform mobile banking using Bytus Crypto Bank.

The Bytus Wallet is also connected to the Bytus Crypto Bank mobile app. With this mobile app, you can perform most of the regular banking functions (just like any mobile banking app) and also mine for more Bytus tokens through the wallet. The Bytus Crypto Bank app also allows converting between fiat and crypto currencies when purchasing any goods or services.

As a one-stop platform, Bytus has made it easier to make payments and complete purchases using a variety of cryptocurrencies. As discussed, features like Bytus tokens, private blockchain, and wallet have enabled this payment platform for many cryptocurrency traders and retailers.

Thanks to Bytus, cryptocurrency payments between users and retailers are now faster, simpler, and secure for all.

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