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4 Tips to Make Your eCommerce Website Sell More This Holiday Season

4 Tips to Make Your eCommerce Website Sell More This Holiday Season

Looking to give your online business a leg-up this winter?

You’re not alone. With so much attention and money spent buying online, it goes without saying that your eCommerce store is in a sea of many. That means there’s never been a more important time to stand out amongst the crowd.

This holiday season, provide your online business with the headroom it needs to maximize your growth towards a more engaging customer experience that is sure to optimize your online presence and sell more products.

How? Read on to learn how you can make the most of this holiday season for your eCommerce website.

Don’t Be Afraid to Optimize Parts of Your Website With Powerful Extensions

There is a lot of trepidation about compromising the base layer of your website with confusing, hard-to-use extensions that change everything from your page’s design to its ad preferences. However, any anxiety will be melted away when your website suddenly surges with the type of functionality and traffic you always wanted.

For instance, the great advantage of using trusted Magento 2 extensions specifically is that it has an extended ability to craft more logical and intuitive ways of designing your product’s platform for a better showcase to your audience, and smoother, fully developed delivery of all website functions.

Create Clearer Call-to-Action Buttons

After taking a hard look under the hood, your website has the capacity to reach its full potential for customer engagement.

The next step — engagement. Using your new extensions, create more sophisticated, refined call-to-action pop-ups on your page.

These can be helpful navigation guidance, informing the customer of all selections they can make within the product page. Or, these call-to-action buttons could give intuitive responses to a customer’s shopping or viewing habits, saving the customer’s viewing history or styles, and suggesting similar products they’re likely to purchase.

Double Down on Your Support Team

Your support team is exactly that — support. When you need to make your page easier to engage with, your customers will thank you for it.

Run analytics with your team to find which products are the most popular, then have your team help to create better ways of promoting them. If you have paid for ads on social media, make sure to push them with your team towards what you want to sell to your customers.

Don’t be afraid to go back to basics and re-structure the layout of your page to reflect your values and use of aesthetics. Your customers will notice the change and will be more likely to really take notice of the work you’ve put into their online shopping experience.

Set up Killer Email Sequences for After the Holiday Sales are Over

A great way to make your website more personable is to get in touch with what makes the online shopping experience personable: customer feedback. Find what your customers really enjoyed and appreciate about their experience after the holiday season.

This can ensure your eCommerce growth and promote a viable amount of change that will better your sales. The more personable the email chain, and the more personal questions involved in the content of the email will help you contextualize who your target audience is, and give you the perfect strategy for how to market your products, and when.

Create Your Ideal Relationship With Your Customers Today

Your customers are your product’s family. This holiday season don’t shy away from that idea. Use these tips to help grow your sales margin, and your product’s family to gift yourself that headroom for growth your company needs.

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