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4 Tips for Creating More Effective Video Ads

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Creating a video ad is a bold move to monetize and connect your brand to a wide range of audiences. It can be costly and time-consuming, but if done right, it can spark an effective connection. A memorable ad isn’t easy to make, when it sticks, it sticks in people’s minds well. But how does one make a memorable video advertisement?

Marketers don’t have an unlimited budget to work with so they need to get creative and crafty. They need to strategize and with all of the outlets available today, you can save on some costs. What kind of approach will you take in creating the ad and where will you publish it? Is it going to be weird, funny, or dramatic? Funny and weird ads have a way of being memorable and becoming part of the brand’s image too.

If you intend to publish it on social media or your website, it’s not as expensive as showing it on television. And, if it’s witty enough, there’s a good chance it can go viral on the internet too. But the question is how do you achieve and express that level of wit or humor as an ad? How do you get and keep the attention of the audience on your brand’s message?

4   Tips to Create and Monetize Videos

Source: Pexels

  1. Have a Strong and Compelling Beginning

Be it poetry, prose, or advertisement, the beginning of a piece is what grabs the audience’s attention. And it’s becoming more challenging to get their attention because, let’s face it, the internet gives them everything. Funny, interesting, feel-good, and whatever genre you can think of is on social media or YouTube.

According to recent studies, the average person’s attention span lasts for 8.25 seconds. Hence, it’s not surprising when ads are becoming weirder just to make the audience look for a second. For example, Old Spice commercials tend to be strange enough to leave you thinking about them. 

Because a person’s attention span is shorter than a goldfish’s, your video ads might need some professional help. It has to be a company that has years of experience and knowledge of ad trends. And because of that, they’ll also have the tools to help you achieve and optimize ad revenue. Advally Ad Network is one such company that has everything mentioned above. You can plan and discuss strategies with professionals who know exactly how to market your brand.

2. Keep the Video Short but Meaningful

According to Shakespeare, “brevity is the soul of wit”, and that proves true even by today’s standards. 30-second videos or reels are becoming increasingly popular on social media. They’re quick and comprehensive to watch, so almost anyone can invest their time in them.

An ad on Youtube gets skipped after 5 seconds unless there’s no skip button. You can interpret it as people having 5 seconds’ worth of attention to spare unless they’re hooked. Hence, it’s always best to go down the “short but sweet” route when making ads. That is unless you’re confident you can keep their attention for much longer.

Otherwise, you can stick to short-form video advertising which is a tried and tested digital marketing strategy. Many businesses have found success in utilizing this tactic so it’s safe for you to try it too.

3. Go Beyond Selling, Help Your Audience

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Helping someone is one of the best ways to earn their trust instead of outright telling them your intentions. Instead of focusing on selling the product, shift your efforts into helping your viewers. The way to do this is very straightforward and it’s just a change of approach.

Think of a problem your audience may have and show how they can solve it with your product or service. If it’s someone doing a search online, they’re likely to be looking for solutions to their predicament. Have them trust you and what you offer so that your ad can convert them into paying customers. 

This doesn’t mean that you undermine your product in the monetized video. Instead, solving the problem should highlight your brand and product’s greatness. If customers are satisfied, they’ll recommend it to peers who encounter the same problem.

4. Stories Always Get Attention

The world is oversaturated with advertisements, everything trying to clamor for your attention. Hence, many brands have decided to shift their strategy and make it more story-driven. You’d notice that some of the longer ads have a story or dramatization to keep the viewers’ attention.

This is called “video storytelling” in advertising and as the name says, your ad should have a plot. A plot consists of a beginning, a climax, and an end, just like the movies. The difference is that movies go for 2 hours while ads go for 30 seconds. That is a massive downscale but you do your best to make it relatable and memorable.

To achieve that, you need to be imaginative and think of ways ads haven’t been presented before. This is also where weird video ads come from, like the RC Cola’s viral commercial last year. Some found it weird and creepy, and some found it genius. But the point is: everyone who saw it, remembered the brand.

Other than imagination, you also need to make the ad dynamic and appeal to the viewers’ emotions. That way, the ad isn’t dull and it can connect with the viewers beyond a superficial way.


It’s not easy to monetize videos and there’s no guarantee you’ll profit from video ads. It eats up time and money to make the video and even more of those resources upon its release. But posting the video on your company’s social media accounts can alleviate that a bit. Hence, it’s best to research different ways and tips to create effective video ads.

We’ve talked about how important it is to have a strong beginning and it’s just as important to have a strong punchline. However, if you want to play it safe, keeping the ad video short but sweet is the way to go. At the same time, you shouldn’t be focusing too much on selling but on helping your customers with the product. Finally, you should create the ad video with a story in mind so it can capture and keep their attention.

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