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4 Things You Should Check When Buying an Indian Necklace

Would you like to add an Indian necklace to your collection? With all of the beautiful patterns and vibrant colors, many women want to enjoy wearing Indian necklaces as a casual accessory, as well as a centerpiece for special occasions. 

But, if you are new to shopping for jewelry online, you might not know where to begin. This might also be true if you have never bought an Indian necklace before. So, here are four things you should check before adding one to your online basket.

The Metal

Something important to check before you buy an Indian necklace is the metal it is made from. Typically, you will find that sterling silver and gold are the two main metals you will find for necklaces, rings and bracelets. Indeed, many women prefer gold because of the advantages it can offer. Of course, the beautiful yellow and glowing hues are something that can complement most outfits.

But, you should not just look at the metal. You need to check out how it is made. For example, when it comes to gold jewelry, you want to pay attention to the karat number. This is going to tell you a lot about how much pure gold has been used, as well as its durability and longevity. Check out for high-quality gold pieces. They are made from 22-karat gold, which is certified as authentic. You can know you are buying the real deal, which is going to last for many years.

The Length

Another factor to think about is the length of the chain. You want the necklace to sit at a comfortable place on your chest, whether you like it to be high up at your neck or lower down to match the outfit you are wearing. This is going to be your personal preference, and often, the clothes you wear will dictate the length you like the most.

Thus, think about when you are going to wear the necklace and what types of clothing you are likely to be wearing. The average length that many people like is 16 or 18 inches. This sits at a nice height, which matches most t-shirts, jumpers and dresses. But, you can get shorter than this if you prefer or even down to 24 inches in length. Again, this is what you like to wear, and you want a length you are comfortable with. What’s more, you should consider what activities you are going to be doing while wearing the necklace. Long necklaces are more likely to interfere with exercise, as an example.

The Colors

Of course, any jewelry you buy should match the outfit you are wearing. They are accessories that are supposed to add interest and complement your outfit, making you feel good. Many people like colors to match and look like they belong together. So, another consideration you have to make when you are shopping for an Indian-style necklace is the color.

Many designs have vibrant colors included. For example, if you have a gold necklace, there can be touches of red, yellow, green or blue. These can be included in gemstones ad zirconia stones. It will make sure to select a design that has colors you wear every day. This allows you to wear your new necklace whenever you want and not have to reserve it for special occasions.

The Weight

There is another practical consideration you need to make when it comes to buying an Indian necklace. We are talking about checking the weight of the piece. While this might not seem like a big deal, think about how uncomfortable it would be to wear a heavy necklace casually around the house. It might be uncomfortable to wear walking around the shops or even if you are meeting a group of friends.It can pull on your skin and if this is combined with a long length, it can swing around and cause neck pain. You want a weight that is not going to feel heavy and awkward around your neck when you are wearing it.

Therefore, always read the description and details of an Indian necklace before you buy one. This is going to ensure that it is a good weight that you feel comfortable wearing. Note that larger and more elaborate designs are going to weigh more, which might be best reserved for special occasions. In addition, you can get used to heavier styles after a while. So, just be prepared to only wear a necklace for a few hours at a time to begin with until you are used to it.

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