4 Things You Need to Do for Your Newborn Twins – Tips and Tricks for New Parents

Expecting twins for the first time brings a lot of contentment, glee, and happiness. However, it is relatively important to know that raising newborn twins is comparatively more difficult than raising a single child. This is why we have brought this writing to all the couples who have just embraced parenthood. 

Though the writing is not the best piece of work you will get on this topic on the internet, it is worth your time and attention. Let’s interpret the ways of taking care of newborn twins while getting other stuff done on time! 

4 Tips for Looking After Newborn Twins

Expecting and raising twins is itself an overwhelming experience. Young couples go through periods of highs and lows before getting acquainted with the idea of having two children rather than one. 

To lessen their burden, go through the points noted in the next few lines for newborn care

1.Make Them Sleep in Swings or Baby Carriers

While most parents have a love/hate relationship with swings and baby carriers, it works effectively for some. Making your twins sleep on carriers and swings will make your life easier in the coming year. You won’t have to struggle to make them sleep. 

2.Sync Their Schedules 

Synchronizing the schedule is one of the most important things you need to take care of in the first year of your twins. This technique has been tried by moms and dads in the past, and it has worked for almost all of them. 

For instance, one of the twin’s mothers said that she used to feed the twins one after the other, even if it required her to wake up the sleeping one.

The same schedule makes you less exhaustive and provides you with enough time to do home chores and other stuff. 

3.Combine Breastfeeding with Baby Formula

Nothing can replace the benefits of mother’s milk. Still, it is not easy for most mothers to breastfeed twins every time they get angry. This is why it is highly recommended to combine breastfeeding with baby formula. 

This will boost your child’s immunity, and he will receive added nutrition. Husbands can help you with this. For instance, if you are sleeping in the night after an exhaustive day and your twins wake up, your husband can get up and make the formula for them. This will provide you with some relief! 

4.Observe Their Habits for Better Bonding

Bonding strengthens with time when both parties put in an effort. However, with babies, you always need to take the first step. 

You can develop a bond with your twins by quietly observing their habits. For instance, one baby might feel comfortable in the swing while another would enjoy a sound sleep in his court. Just observe their habits in the first year for a less exhaustive life ahead. 


The birth of twins makes parents delighted. However, it does make new parents overwhelmed and thrilled. The idea of raising and looking after twins is itself a daunting task. This is why experts provide you with tips and advice on newborn care. For instance, to take an expert’s advice on newborn care, you can check out content available at


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