4 Things to Look for in Bluetooth Headphones

4 Things to Look for in Bluetooth Headphones

Depending on how much you spend, buying bluetooth headphones can be quite a significant financial investment. You’ll hope they’ll last you a few years, so for that reason I think it’s a good idea to set aside a minute to figure out what things you should look for in your new bluetooth headphones before committing to a pair financially. One of the first considerations you’ll want to make is whether they’re noise canceling or not. Once you’ve chosen that, you can move to other factors like the size of the headphones, the battery life and the overall sound quality. Keep reading to learn more about my top 4 things to look for in bluetooth headphones.

1. Noise Canceling or Not
I personally love noise canceling headphones because I’m easily distracted and I find it hard to concentrate if there’s a lot of background noise. So when I’m working, I like to use bluetooth headphones and sometimes I even put them in without sound and use the noise canceling feature to help minimize the outside noise. If you’re on a budget, you might find the noise canceling features too expensive and not quite worth the price difference, so look around at the options and decide if this feature is a deal breaker for you. I think one of the best ways to learn more about how noise canceling works is to try out a pair of headphones you’re considering buying from a friend or family member, to see how much difference it makes for you personally.

2. Size of the Headphones
Do you want small, in ear style headphones or larger over the ear style headphones? There are pros and cons to both, so deciding what style you think you’ll use the most is an important step before committing to buying either style. In ear style headphones are great because they are small, and easy to pop in your pocket or throw in your handbag. The larger headphones take up a lot more space, but offer better sound quality and noise canceling features. I personally use my Airpods the most, as they’re just easy to have on hand. Think about the context of where and how you’d like to use your headphones and that will help you decide which type will suit you best. If you’re interested in learning about fiber splicing, you can check out this link to learn more.

3. Battery Life
One of the most important features is battery life – it doesn’t matter if you have the best headphones ever, if you rarely get to use them because they can’t hold battery life for long. Remember that the reported battery life of items is when they’re new and used in optimum conditions, so I always take whatever it says online and subtract 30% of the battery life for a real life estimation of what I could expect. I feel like my Airpods, for example, hold the charge for multiple days use at a time, which is great because I don’t have to charge them every day!

4. Sound Quality
This is an important feature, although I think the main thing that will impact the sound quality will be the price point you’re looking at. If you’re spending a few hundred dollars, you can guess that you’ll get a decent piece of tech that has great sound quality. If you’re looking for some bluetooth headphones under around $100, then you should expect the sound quality to be a little lower, but you can still expect a good overall sound. I always suggest trying out something before you buy it – if possible – so you can be aware of the quality you’re getting. In the same price point, you may prefer a certain brand’s headphones over another just because of how the sound is for you, so definitely try as many as you can before committing.

If you want more help with choosing your next bluetooth headphones, check out this website for more information.

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