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4 Surefire Ecommerce Marketing Strategies That Can Help Your Business Prosper 


What are some of the biggest headaches that an eCommerce entrepreneur faces when it comes to marketing? Many would say that marketing itself is a headache because you need to keep too many things in mind, such as finding the best marketing method, keeping track of the performances, and improving every campaign. But what are some of the best marketing strategies that you can implement for your eCommerce business? Let’s find out.

1.Use Google shopping ads

Google Shopping allows eCommerce entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services. Suppose you want a pair of sneakers. You search Google with “buy sneakers online.” It comes up with several results related to your search. When you click on one of the links, it redirects you to the seller’s website. You can use the same strategy for your business also.  

Google shopping ads are easy to use and cost-effective. That means you don’t need to spend a lot on marketing your business, and there are high chances of converting visitors into customers.

2.Structured markup language

Markup language or schema helps search engines to index your product pages properly. This may not seem like one of the traditional marketing strategies, but it helps immensely when it comes to eCommerce businesses. Every eCommerce entrepreneur should get in touch with an e-commerce digital marketing agency to add a structured markup language at the backend of their product pages. It allows search engines to know the information you provided on each webpage.

Once you start adding rich snippets, you direct Google to put your products in front of your audience whenever they search with the appropriate keywords.

3.Optimize voice search

Many people don’t type while searching for a product on a search engine these days. They simply ask the search engine to “buy sneakers online” via their microphone. The point here is if you don’t optimize your eCommerce site for voice searches, it will lag behind your competitors. Local companies thrive on the sales the local customers bring every month. But you need to stay in the competition if you want to increase your sales volume. Again, get in touch with one of the eCommerce digital marketing agencies to optimize voice search for your website so that it can pick up long-tail keywords. The agency will modify your website’s content accordingly so that the keywords match your target audience’s search terms.

4.Try QR codes and filters

Although this is still new, you can make the most of the strategy. It can surprise your audience. Filters on various social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat may yield unique shopping experiences for different eCommerce brands. For example, Levi’s allowed Snapchat users to virtually try on a jacket or jeans by scanning in-store QR codes. On the other hand, Kylie Cosmetics used Instagram filters to help users see how a lipstick would look like. Similarly, you can develop an innovative strategy involving QR codes and filters to allow your audience to try your products.

Ecommerce marketing requires a bit of creativity and thinking outside the box. The four strategies mentioned above will surprise your audience, push them to buy your products, and help your business grow.

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