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4 Safety Tips For Traveling Alone in Spain in 2023

One friend of mine uses to say that Spain is always a good destination to visit. With beautiful beaches to enjoy in summer, dynamic cities in any season, Spain is one of the most popular countries on „To visit” lists for young or old people. Whether you have decided to buy a ticket and take a plane to Madrid as a solo traveler or if you go there with all your family, you need to carefully prepare. Still, in the following paragraphs we’ll give some ideas on how to best plan your solo travel to Spain.

Make research about how to stay secure in Spain

Spanish people are warm and open to other cultures and other people so Spain is rather a safe country for tourists. But however risks may still appear and stolen goods or scamming by phone are two significant examples. While thiefs have always been, scammers by phone have started their „activity” recently, but this happens more and more often. In order to avoid being fooled by scammers and having money or sensitive personal data stolen, tourists that go to Spain (as well as native Spanish people) can use Quién me llama España. This database helps people fight against fraud, by identifying unknown numbers and classifying them in dangerous or not dangerous.

Have a clear plan of where you want to go

There’s a lot of lists on the internet about the best places to see in Spain. Take a piece of paper and a pencil and determinately make a travel plan so you can see the amazing Hispanic lands.

Join social media solo traveler groups

There are several traveler groups on Facebook or pages on Instagram providing you with free tips and tricks on how to get the best of your trip to Spain. Stay in touch with people passionate about traveling, while finding out which are the best and less expensive places to stay or to eat, when it’s the best time to visit which town and many more other tips.

Barcelona is Spain’s second-largest city and is known for its unique architecture, delicious food, and stunning beaches. One of the most popular attractions in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia. This iconic church was designed by Antoni Gaudi and has been under construction for over 100 years. Other must-visit attractions in Barcelona include Park Guell, La Rambla, and the Gothic Quarter.

Seville is located in southern Spain and is known for its stunning architecture and rich cultural heritage. One of the most iconic landmarks in Seville is the Alcazar. This stunning palace was built in the 14th century and features beautiful gardens and intricate architecture. Other must-visit attractions in Seville include the Cathedral of Seville, Plaza de Espana, and the Metropol Parasol

Keep in touch with your family

Take this adventure as a daily vlog. Start every morning by sending an update message to your dear ones, so they know where you are at any moment. Then finish your day by keeping them informed of what you’ve seen and about people you’ve met. Have an SOS plan, just as calling the police or contacting the authorities if needed.

Following these lines will allow you to correctly prepare for your solo travel to Spain. Let’s get back to business and let’s prepare a dream trip.


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