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4 Safety Tips For Traveling Alone in France 2023

France is the paradise of good living, of fashion and „bon goût” (good taste) and good food. Especially now that the pandemic restrictions have left, tourists get more numerous on the streets of cities as Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Nantes. No matter if you are a solo traveler or prefer travelling in groups, make sure you put France on the list for 2023. If you choose to visit France alone, here is a bunch of advices on how to best do that.  Traveling alone requires some special attention to safety. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, everyone can benefit from some solid solo travel safety tips. After all, you alone must: decide how to manage them if they do arise.

Solo Travellers will feel safe in France but still stay on guard

Experts say that in general France is a safe destination to travel to. With some exceptions, in the last few years many tourists have enjoyed their holidays in Paris or other big cities without any problem. That does not mean that you don’t have to take all necessary measures to keep your security up. Have a plan B for any inconvenience that could appear, just like scams by phone, which have become more and more „popular” lately. Innocent people can be victims of fraud by phone if they don’t know how to defend themselves. One way to stay informed about unknown numbers calling you is to use Annuaire inversé.  Ensure  safety of our personal data and financial wealth. Before answering any unknown number check it on specified tool în order to find out if unknown number is not a scammer.

Learn some words in French so you can handle your trip yourself

How beautiful is the diversity of the languages in the world. Every people is having own words that sound either like music (Italian or Spanish) or more serious (like German). But you need to pass through the process of learning if you want to understand one or another. French language is „chic” (cool) and you’ll definitely impress people you’ll meet in France if you know at least some essential words and expressions. Knowing the language is a must if you are traveling alone, as you’ll need to solve anything on your own.

Buy Your Train Tickets and Tourist Attractions tickets a few days before 

Put this advice on your to-do list, as you may not find one ticket in the last moment or they may be more expensive than they should be. I have experienced this as I was traveling to France and needed to take a train ticket to get urgently from Paris to Nantes. And, oh, boy, that was extra 20 Euros as just one day before. 

Choose less popular places to stay in or to eat

The key to not paying a lot of money for your trips is to be wise when it comes to choosing a cheaper but decent hotel or a restaurant you’d love to discover. As a reward, you can choose to go a luxurious restaurant just at the end of your holidays, but make sure you don’t leave all your money there.

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