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4 Recruiting Tips for Finding Better Candidates

Do you know why companies hire recruiters? To find candidates? No, to find “better” candidates for the job. Therefore, as a recruiter, you have to move heaven and earth to find your client better candidates. If you do otherwise, you will never be able to beat your competitors and have a successful recruiting career.

It’s pretty hard to find well-qualified and trained candidates for a recruiter at the start. However, with time he begins to learn, develop contacts, and eventually start finding better candidates. If you have just stepped into the recruiting world and searching for better candidates to survive, here are the 4 tips that would surely be life-changing;

  • Use marketing strategies to reach candidates
  • Write clear and better job listings
  • Try not to complicate the application process
  • Try setting up a referral program with rewards

Use marketing strategies to reach candidates

Do you know what people normally do before applying for a job? They either hear about the opening or find the vacancy online. If the job appears decent enough, they take interest in searching and finding more about the company. Usually, they visit the company’s website and social media accounts to have an idea of whether it’s decent enough or not. Therefore, you have to present the company well on the website and social media to attract better candidates. Add videos and written testimonials in the career section to impress and attract well-qualified and trained candidates.

Write clear and better job listings

The job listing is the first thing people judge the job opening by. If it is clear and well-written, the people qualified for the job would only reach. However, if it does not contain enough information and is poorly written, how would you expect the right candidates to contact you? Therefore, learn to write better job listings. If you do not know how to write a better job listing at the moment, get it written and meanwhile continue learning to write a job listing.

Try not to complicate the application process

There is a lot of unemployment in the world. People usually keep on searching for months and sometimes even years to find a decent enough job. The people who apply for the job are either jobless or have been working and searching for a decent job. Most of them might already be tired of finding and going through the whole application and hiring process again and again. Therefore, if the application process is complicated, they might not take interest in applying for the job. Keep the application process simple and straightforward to have a bunch of quality applications.

Try setting up a referral program with rewards

The referral program is a great way to find new hires. Inform your team about the program and set a reward for the person who refers to a well-qualified and trained candidate for the job. You will be surprised by the number of quality applications you would get through the referral program. Just give it a try.

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