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4 Reasons To Use Custom Shipping Boxes

One of the challenges of running a business in today’s market is the fact that there has never been more access to communication than there currently is. The average consumer has access to literally millions of options for almost any service they can think of, all from the comfort of their personal cell phone. 

Advancements in technology and the rise in communication have created one of the most unique consumers the world has ever seen. While these advancements have created ample opportunities across the board to optimize your customer relations and marketing, they’ve also provided a challenge. In a world where a consumer has access to so many possibilities, the question still remains, how d you stand out? 

What makes you and your business unique and why should a customer care about becoming loyal to you? This can be a loaded question and there are a lot of good answers as well. For instance, creating a quality product or service, having an accessible, well-built website, ranking on Google’s search engine, all viable and good answers. However, what about your brand tangibly tells your customers that not only do you care, but you are worth their loyalty? How can you create an in-hand experience that speaks to the fact that your customer made the right decision when they decided to do their business with you?

One answer to this question that has been shown to have a powerful effect on the customer, is custom shipping boxes. If you have been wondering how custom shipping boxes could impact your business and build a relationship with your customer base, here is everything you need to know. 

In-Hand Experience

Do remember that feeling on Christmas morning when it was finally time to open the presents that had been silently taunting you from under the tree? Yes, you were so excited about what was inside the box, but a huge part of your joy came from that colorful wrapping paper and all of those shiny bows. As you ripped the paper off and opened your gifts, you experienced the kind of joy that could only be described as euphoric! 


That same kind of joy is what custom shipping boxes can do for your customers. By creating an actual in-hand experience, you are making a moment out of something ordinary. Taking something practical, and turning it into a little bit of magic. 


What’s more, is that this doesn’t have to come at the cost of intense hassle or headache. In fact, far from it. With a user-friendly design tool, you can custom make boxes that you’ll be proud to ship. In a digital world, creating a tangible moment speaks volumes to the quality of your product and the level of care you have for the customer. 

Expand Your Brand

Humans may have access to the latest and greatest smart devices and advanced technology, but some things just won’t change, like the desire to belong. Beautiful packaging made easy allows for the experience of ordering a product to be personal, intimate, and branded. This expands your brand into an aspect of your customer’s world that tells them in a subtle, but powerful way that they matter. 

The biggest companies in the world create ecosystems for their loyal customers. This feeling of belonging is huge, it’s why someone will stick with a brand for years and years. When a brand you love sends you a product in a specially branded, and designed box, it gives you a sense of ownership in that brand that’s hard to explain. Ask anyone who’s ever purchased an Apple product. The packaging is as unique and branded as the device inside, and it’s a delight and journey to open it up! 

Your Customers Matter

Custom packaging is a form of hospitality for the customer experience. This extra step in the process sends a very clear message to your customers that they are important, and they matter. The fact that you can design custom prints and develop unique experiences and did that, is a way of telling your customer they matter on a deep level. Yes, the packaging might go in the trash afterward, but it’s a moment that you get to create that shows appreciation for their business. 

Quality Outside Speaks to Quality Inside

When a person holds a custom-made box, they can sense the quality and this is another message to them that they made the right decision. If you believe in the quality of what’s inside the box, have the box itself reflect that belief. Your customer made the right decision, so use custom shipping boxes to confirm that.


Custom shipping boxes are about more than just a token experience, it’s a chance to communicate to your customers in a meaningful way. Check out how your business could benefit from custom shipping boxes today! 

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