4 Reasons to Have AED Machines at Your Workplace


Based on a study, approximately 25 percent of all human mortalities occur due to an unexpected cardiac arrest. In the majority of cases, a person experiences the condition when this individual is not close to a medical facility. According to an article published in Huffington Post, in a sudden cardiac arrest, onlookers must call the emergency number 911, provide CPR, and use the nearby AED device.

The machine works by creating high electric current generating around 360 joules. It is important to note that AEDs do not recuperateheartbeat in the true sense, but the shocks are effective in stimulating the natural pacemaker. An AED might increase the chances of saving human life by around 40 percent. AED devices are beneficial for use at your workplace. Here is why:

  1. Easy to use and portable

When there is a sudden cardiac arrest at your place of work, you will not struggle to move the machine to save a human life. That’s because an AED device is extremely portable as well as easy to use. The machine is compact, battery-run, and mobile so that you can move it from one place to the other. Though an AED is a piece of medical equipment, even a layman can use it as all machines come with proper instructions and simple guidelines on how to use them.

  1. Automated device for emergency treatment

During a cardiac arrest, the human heart ceases to beat and each second is crucial because the patient battles death. When there is an AED machine, any employee at the workplace may use electrical shocks to resuscitatethe patient’s heartbeat and save his or her life.

One may intervene by simply applying pressure to an automatic button on the machine. When using it, you do not need any formal training, however, you should learn how to handle the device by carefully reading the simple instructions.

  1. Confirm a person’s heartbeat

The latest and more advanced modelswon’t let you apply electrical shocks to a person whose heartbeat is present. This way, the device saves patients from additional medical complications. During an unexpected cardiac arrest, a person’s heart stops beating and immediate action is needed to save a life.

The devices come with a system that identifies even an indistinct heartbeat. The machine will help you assess whether the patient’s heart is beating or not. If even a weak heartbeat is detected, no electrical shocks are applied to avoid organ damage.

  1. Save your time

It is crucial to recuperate the natural pacemaker during a sudden cardiac arrest before an ambulance or the emergency health team arrives at the spot. The AED devices help in increasing the possibility of survival when waiting for the medical professionals to reach. Delaying the use of a life-saving device or therapy might increase the danger of death by approximately 75 percent.


An AED device is a lifesaver during a sudden cardiac arrest episode. Therefore, now that you know its benefits, read the guidelines in advance so that you can use the machine to save a precious life.

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