4 Practical Ways to Make Your Website With Zero Coding Knowledge


Coding is a life skill that every professional must learn, given the exponential growth that the internet offers to all businesses from different walks of life. The vast majority of professionals have zero coding knowledge, but they want to excel in the digital world.

Thanks to the various low code software tools and services that allow any professional, coder or not, to effortlessly make their app or website with just a few clicks. If you are also someone who knows nothing about coding but wants to have a virtual business platform in the form of an app or a website, you’re at the right place.

We have combined a list of some easy ways that can help you build an online platform for your business without coding. Let’s give it a read:

Use Relevant Software

With the advancement in technology, different software companies have introduced many code-based automated software programs that have made it possible to make a website with just a few clicks. These software programs already have the code pre-installed in them that is needed to make a website.

They give a visual representation to the code, eventually making it easy to make your website with just drag-and-drop features. Such software has different kinds of codes in them that you can see in the form of templates. Some of these templates are free to use while others are paid in one form or another, meaning you will have to pay a few hundred dollars to get a premium website made in just a few minutes.

Shift to an Easy-to-Manage CMS

CMS refers to a Content Management System that allows you to effortlessly manage all the content in the form of articles, videos, pictures, or posts that are there on your website. There are many easy-to-manage CMS in the market that can help you use the drag-and-drop features to build your website from scratch.

WordPress is one such system that is free to use. However, you will need a domain name and hosting to install WordPress. After you are finished with the installation, you can then choose from various free themes that the platform offers to make your website. Insta;l your favorite theme and change the text and pictures to customize it for your business. You can also add and remove particular elements from a WordPress theme through its dashboard.

Outsource the Coding Work

If you have enough money to start a website, it is best to outsource the coding work to a coding expert. If you don’t have coding knowledge, make sure to hire an experienced worker for your job. Hiring an extremely level professional might not be in your favor because you would not be able to test his coding skills; hence, it is best to stick with experienced professionals in this regard.

Some programmers might charge extra for domain and hosting services as well. If you already have domain and hosting arranged, you can ask for a discount on their service charges. Do your research and decide which coding language you would want to go for to make your website. Hire a specialist in that particular coding language and get things done fast. Don’t forget to establish a professional contract when dealing with remote workers.

Use non-Code Website Builders

There are many beginner-friendly website builders like Wix that give a visual representation of the code and make it easier for you to build a website from scratch with zero programming knowledge. Such website builders have pre-installed codes in them regarding a particular niche and website.

You can choose your target niche and look for all the relevant themes that are there regarding your website or business niche. They also allow you to add different plugins and add-ons to perform specific tasks for your website. For instance, many website builders offer SEO-friendly add-ons to make your website more SEO friendly.

Another way that you can use to make your website without code is by buying an already existing website in your target niche. However, you will need to hire a coder to change the website and customize it as per your business.

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