4 of the best apps to use on a smart TV

best apps to use on a smart TV

Smart TVs are extremely popular nowadays as it allows the user to access the internet through their TV. This means that the user can stream videos, music and can access apps that would regularly be accessed through their smartphone or laptop. Smart TVs are proven to be worth the money considering in 2014 only 11% of households owned a smart TV, however when this was renewed in 2021, this percentage had increased dramatically to 67%. As a smart TV holds very similar qualities to a smartphone there is no shock as to why sales are increasing, as we know most people can’t even go 10 minutes without using their smartphone. Smart TVs can also work great as regular TVs, particularly when they do not have access to the internet for whatever reason.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have a working aerial or satellite so that TV channels are still easily accessible. The professionals at would be able to help with any issues you may have with your aerial or satellite that could affect your viewing experience. For those who are looking to discover the best apps to use on your smart TV alongside standard television, we will go into a few of these in more detail.

 Best Apps To Use On A Smart TV


Netflix can be considered as “one of the world’s leading entertainment services” which allows access to over 190 countries worldwide. Netflix provides subscribers with online access to several different movies, series, and documentaries that the viewer can watch in their own time. This is why many people prefer Netflix to live TV. Due to work schedules and other responsibilities, individuals cannot always commit their time to live TV.

Netflix can be considered as one of the best apps to use on a smart TV. As it offers a try before you buy concept before starting your subscription. With a one-month free trial, users of the app can get a feel for what they are subscribing to, and if they are not satisfied, they can simply unsubscribe. The layout of Netflix itself is very self-explanatory and there is no difficulty when navigating around the app. Alongside this, as well as being affordable from £5.99 to £13.99 a month. Netflix show no adverts or commercials which appeals to many individuals, as they do not have to wait around for their favorite TV show to continue.


As “a digital, music, podcast and video service”, Spotify gives users access to millions of content, and is one of the best apps to use on a smart TV for music lovers who are looking to play songs straight through their device. Spotify is a completely free service with adverts; however, the user has the opportunity to update to premium, meaning that no ads will be shown, you can download music to play when you don’t have an internet connection, and much like social media platforms, you can connect with and follow friends to see their music taste and recommendations. Spotify also allows users to discover music that they would not normally come across, as they incorporate songs into your account based on your previous listening history. This gives the listener the chance to expand their music taste.

BBC iPlayer

This app is only available to those who reside within the UK, and allows viewers to watch BBC programmes outside of live TV. The programmes usually appear on the app not long after they have been broadcasted on the BBC channel. After creating an account on BBC iPlayer, the app can give the viewer a more personalised experience by considering what programmes you have previously watched and are interested in, and recommending similar ones. Much like Spotify, and other apps, BBC iPlayer allows the user to download programmes to watch when they may not have internet access. Not only do BBC iPlayer offer newer programmes however, they also offer older classics which many people much prefer, with the options to navigate programmes down to decades and genres to appeal to a larger target market.

Amazon Prime Video 

Acting as one of Netflix’s major competitors, Amazon Prime Video offers viewers access to movies, dramas, and web series. To access this app, you do not need to have an Amazon Prime account. But for many people who already have an account with Amazon Prime, this is a two for the price of one situation. After already receiving benefits with their Amazon Prime account, they now have additional access to an entertainment service at no extra cost as many of the popular titles are included with prime, whereas others give you the option to buy. Much of the content available on prime cannot be found on any other streaming device making it one of the best apps to use on smart TV as it offers unique viewings.

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