4 Metaverse Projects to Watch Out For


Recently, the Web3 space is experiencing a lot of buzz. Hardly can anyone decide to take a stroll without encountering the word ‘metaverse’. There has even been an increase since Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would become a metaverse company and that its name would be changed to Meta.

Asides Zuckerberg and Facebook, other tech companies have expressed interest in the metaverse. Microsoft and Disney for example, already have feet in the door. The benefits of decentralization seem to be appearing more visible than it was. However, it is not an agenda to be promoted by one techie; all hands have to be on deck.

Although the metaverse doesn’t seem fully appreciated at the moment given its potential, the intentionality and utility of some of the platforms are heartwarming. There are fascinating platforms out there and more are still coming up. The following is a list of projects that deserves a second look in the metaverse. 

Altered State Machine (ASM)

 You know what NFTs are, right? They are Non-Fungible Tokens which are usually traceable to a piece of art such as music, pictures, drawings and paintings. Imagine combining these NFTs with Artificial Intelligence (AI). ASM has created a decentralized platform which helps to facilitate the work of developers and NFT owners. The ASM combo allows for the creation of what can be termed as Non-Fungible Intelligence (AI). The platform provides its users with the tools and features to build, train and trade AI agents for games, financial applications, the Metaverse, and a personal favorite, a virtual assistant. This application just makes the metaverse more cooler.

GinGr World

 The GinGr ecosystem is not a newcomer in the blockchain space. However its NFT and metaverse components are about to change the game forever. First of all, the platform creates an avenue for commercial sex workers to get booked by their clients. As you may be thinking right now, sex is one of the basic aspects of human life, it makes sense that GinGr World may just become the ‘most ingenious’ project on the metaverse in its niche.

If you grew up in a town like mine, you must have heard sex workers having heated arguments with their clients over price discrepancies. Or you may have heard them talking about the exploitation by brothel owners. All these are what the GinGr World is set to put to bed by creating a cost-effective, decentralized and secure channel of payment for players in the ‘sex-work’ sector.

Vulcan Forged

 Without mincing words, it can be said that the gaming sector is one place where the metaverse is being fully appreciated and put to use. Vulcan Forged is adding a creamy top to that cake. It is a platform that fosters the development of blockchain games through its easy-to-play and easy-to-build ecosystem. The competition in the blockchain gaming market seems to be growing stiffer due to limited credit facilities to poor launchpads structures and IDOs. There has never been a better time to be a game developer when considering the development programs, incubation, and crowdfunding. 

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem gives access to a hub of popular and exciting blockchain games and rarest of NFTs, which gives you an edge over your Metaverse buddies. Vulcan Forged is giving multinational gaming companies a run for their money as they seek to distribute the market shares more evenly.

DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a gaming platform which takes utility to the next level. It has multi-chain capabilities with underlying play-to-earn structures, solid DeFi protocols, and valuable NFTs. DeFi Kingdoms has chosen to run her show different from what every other person is doing. Rather than dwell in the popular complexity model most blockchain products take pride in, DeFi Kingdoms takes the opposite approach. They developed intuitive and immersive gameplay by exploiting the nostalgic but golden fantasy pixel art.

For anyone finding it difficult to comprehend or come to terms with the concept of Decentralized Finance, DeFi Kingdoms is one thing to try out. Crush challenges for fun and actual rewards, and build operations that earn you the rarest of NFTs. DeFi Kingdoms empowers its users to defy their financial constraints the fun way.

Final Thoughts

Nobody knows where the metaverse is actually headed. The diversity of sectors and projects hopping in on the metaverse is breathtaking. Speculate, guess, and second-guess; more sectors will still see the light and come on board. Considering there’re still a lot of unknowns surrounding nascent blockchain concepts like NFIs, learn-to-earn, and adult-only Metaverse, we can rightly say that more projects will spring up in these areas. This will challenge the pioneers and spur improvements. I’d like to know which of these projects mentioned holds more intrigue for you; I guess you know mine!

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