4 IT Processes Worth Automating


Automation is a key benefit of a strong IT department’s worth and enabling repetitive processes that take up time and employee resourcing to be automated can not only save business money but can help prevent errors that a human being inevitably makes. Some processes can be automated quickly and easily without much cost and effort, while others might take a bit more planning before implementation. Every IT process you automate is going to save your business either money, time, or both. Here are a couple of IT processes worth automating.

New Employee Onboarding

A lot needs to happen when a new employee starts at your company, particularly around getting them set up on your IT systems like your ERP, email, calendaring and file, and knowledge repositories. Automating this new employee onboarding means that these accounts can all be set up and made ready for new employees without your IT department having to manually create any of them. This might take the form of single sign-on or an identity vault, or it might simply be scripting account creation.

Job Scheduling

Job scheduling automation is quickly becoming an essential and integral part of any well-run IT department. By taking jobs that traditionally required scheduling in each separate system that the IT infrastructure relies on and allowing job scheduling to be automated from a central platform that can interact with all the different systems and services that your company maintains, you can vastly improve the efficiency of system maintenance. If you’re looking to automate job scheduling, JAMS has some of the best job scheduling software for your organization available in the market.

Know Your Customer Checks

Know Your Customer (often abbreviated as KYC) checks are an important part of customer onboarding. For financial institutions, they’re often legally mandated and for good reason because they provide essential insight into the risk of each customer relationship. There are many things about these KYC checks that can be automated, like address verification, identity verification, and credit checks. There are parts of the automation that make these checks more efficient, for example using technologies like intelligent document processing can also help many aspects of the business, not just KYC checks.

Customer Support

Customer support can either make your customers feel valued and well looked after or it can ruin their opinion of your business very quickly. Enabling the most seamless and efficient customer support possible means your customers are more likely to be satisfied with the service they receive. Consider automating some of the customer support processes, like routing them to the correct department and providing self-help services.

Reading suggestions and ideas on automation areas in a list like this can inspire you to implement some of these ideas or give you new ideas and areas you’d like to automate based on your specific business and its needs. Start by examining your IT processes and speaking to your staff to get an understanding of what takes up most of their time and start there. Automation is, after all, the future of business.

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