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4 Essentials for Employees Who Work From Home

Working from home has quickly become the new normal for many people. Rather than taking long commutes to the office, countless people are now finding themselves working right from the comfort of their own homes.


Teleworking has many benefits, such as lowering your insurance while working from home, fewer gas fill-ups, and more time at home with your family. You may even find yourself not requiring child care or a pet sitter any longer because of your new work location.


While being able to work from home seems like an excellent benefit, there are some things you may find yourself adjusting to during this time. Compared to the office, you may notice you lack some of the resources you are used to while teleworking.


Stockpiles of office supplies, elaborate desk setups, and even social interactions may be lacking when you work from home. If you want to make the most out of your teleworking experience, adding these essentials to your workspace will make all the difference. 

#1 – Invest in a Good Desk for Your Workspace

Desks can cost a lot of money; however, they are essential to a productive and useful work environment. A good quality desk can mean the difference between a disorganized office and a space where everything has a place.


If you find yourself on a budget and feel a brand-new desk is out of your price range, don’t worry. There are many low-cost ways to still get a fabulous desk without breaking the bank. 


Try looking at places such as thrift stores, flea markets, and even local buy/sell groups to see if anyone has a desk that fits your needs. While it may not be in perfect condition, you can easily fix it up with a bit of elbow grease. Plus, you’ll save a ton of money by buying secondhand. 



#2 – Choose a Chair That’s Functional and Comfortable

If you’re working a full day, you’re likely spending most of your time sitting at your desk completing tasks. All this time sitting is why it’s essential to choose a chair that provides comfort and functionality.


While each person is unique and may need different things from their office chair, you’ll want to look for some essential factors — adjustability, movement, and support. 


Adjustability means you can alter aspects of the chair to fit your specific needs, such as height and armrests. Choosing a chair with wheels is also a nice feature as it allows you to stay mobile while working. 


Support is also an essential part of a nice office chair. Lumbar support is crucial to look for since you will spend much of your time sitting down. It helps support good posture and avoid back pain.

#3 – Bring Office Supplies to Your Home Workspace

Working in an office means you likely took for granted how easily accessed office supplies were. Items like notebooks, Post-Its, highlighters, and paper clips were likely available any time you needed them.


Now that you are doing all your tasks remotely, you may find yourself searching for these items and coming up empty-handed. While it’s not as convenient as being able to run to the supply room and grab what you need, stocking up your home office with supplies will make your work life easier. 


If you know you’ll need a large number of supplies, it’s often easier and cheaper to buy in bulk rather than buy all your items individually. While you may not need every item immediately, you can stock up by buying in bulk and not worry about running out for a long time.

#4 – Track Your Work Productivity Through Helpful Software

One of the most challenging factors of working from home is actually sitting down to focus on work. Whether you have children or pets asking for attention, or you’re tempted by your comfortable sofa and the television show you’ve wanted to catch up on, it can be challenging to put yourself in the mindset of work.


With software meant to track your work productivity, you can accomplish more throughout your day rather than feeling like you’ve wasted it. Many paid or free options are available, each with different features and tools.


What you choose should depend on your needs. If you’re struggling with time management, download software that helps you focus and set priorities — two key ingredients to reduce stress. If you’re having trouble keeping up with tasks, look for software that offers task tracking to help keep you on schedule.

Working From Home Successfully With the Essentials

With teleworking becoming the new normal for so many people, it’s important to learn how to adjust to this new work environment. While no people are the same, there are some essential items that every remote worker should consider for their home office space.


Choosing a solid desk, a quality chair, stocking up on office supplies, and downloading office software are all essential items that will help you while working from home. With these tools, you will find yourself becoming more productive and comfortable while teleworking. 


About Author:

Alexandra Arcand writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, Clearsurance. She is a remote worker who enjoys sharing her home office tips with others. 

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