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4 Essential Technological Improvements for Your Small Business

Outdated technological systems are infamous for leaving companies miles behind their competitors. They can leave a business vulnerable to cybersecurity risks and negatively affect efficiency, productivity, and business revenue.

However, you can avoid working with outdated IT and Improve your business’s operations just by making these four key technological improvements.

1. Refine Your Server Usage

Servers make or break many small businesses. They store files, manage printing activities, and provide a centralized way to keep track of a company’s sensitive information. Plus, servers for small businesses are more affordable than you think.

However, your current servers may be outdated or otherwise ineffective. For example, you may have one large server for managing multiple tasks. But if you have the budget, you should consider getting multiple servers for individual tasks.

Some small businesses get by fine with one main server, but others need several to experience optimal efficiency. It’s up to you to evaluate the best route for your business.

2. Invest in Cybersecurity

Even if your business doesn’t solely operate online, it’s likely that your company stores a lot of data online. You need to protect the interests of your employees and customers by investing in cybersecurity technology.

The Senior Vice President of a cybersecurity company called Palo Alto Networks asserts that cybersecurity is just as much of a technological problem as it is a business problem. Some of the technologies and techniques that he recommends using include:

  • The Zero-Trust Model: This model assumes that a network is already compromised from the get-go. This “pessimism” helps a company stay on top of the security of internal and external networks.
  • Embedded Hardware Authentication: Unfortunately, a standard password and PIN often aren’t enough to completely protect the hardware. That’s where embedded hardware authentication comes into play. A cybersecurity professional will embed an authentication chip into the actual hardware and provide an additional layer of identity protection.
  • Behavioral Analytics: While this technique might sound like it belongs in a psychology class, it’s very relevant in cybersecurity for businesses. Typically, a company can use data mining to acquire information on its audience’s behavior and habits. But this strategy is also useful for detecting potential cyber threats (i.e., detecting an atypical increase in data transmission from a specific user).

3. Take Advantage of Cloud Computing

While some businesses love their servers, your company should consider transferring some of its data storage to a cloud. Cloud computing is the process of storing data remotely and letting another company manage the technology involved. Some prime examples of cloud computing include:

  • Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas)
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Transitioning to cloud computing can offer several distinct benefits, including access to quicker upgrades and less maintenance for on-site equipment.

However, you should also consider the disadvantages of cloud computing. For example, your company won’t have any control over the server. If the server faces damage due to internal bugs, natural disasters, or a power outage, you’ll be at the hosting company’s mercy.

4. Upgrade Your Business Broadband

Is your company’s Wi-Fi connection chugging along? Do your employees move faster than your Internet can keep up? It might be time to switch out your traditional system for lightning-fast fiber broadband. Some benefits of upgrading your business broadband include:

  • Faster connection speeds
  • Static IP addresses
  • Priority tech support
  • Greater efficiency for streamlining online tasks
  • A lower contention ratio (fewer Internet users sharing a server)

And, if your company is relying on a home-based broadband package, it’s worth switching to a business-focused one for enhanced security.

Make Technology Work For Your Business

Even if you’re a small home-based business, upgrading your technology is crucial to your success in the long run. Make these four adjustments today, and watch your business’s operations run much more smoothly!

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