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4 Effective Tips to Spot Different Signs of Roof damage to Your Ottawa Home

You’ll surely agree with us that the roof is one of the most crucial components of your Ottawa home. Roofs in good conditions help to keep homes protected against different elements, such as sunlight and rain. Besides, good working roofs also help to regulate temperature in Ottawa homes. Today, for you to enjoy the aforementioned goodies (and many more) of Ottawa roofing, you need to conduct regular inspection and maintenance.

The rest of this post will help you understand exactly how to spot the different signs of roof damage to your home during inspection and how to decide between Ottawa roof repair and replacement.

Look for these signs when inspecting your Ottawa roof

Unlike in the past, Ottawa roof repair is now very expensive to carry out today. What’s even more expensive is roof replacement. To avoid these costly operations on your Ottawa roofing, you need to understand exactly what to look for on the roof during inspection.

Below are a few important signs to identify good damage in your home:

1. Water spots

Water spots on your walls or ceiling are certainly a warning sign of roof damage to your home. If you’re currently experiencing this sign, you should understand that the problem may be a result of a leak in your roof. Unfortunately, if care isn’t taken quickly to address this issue, you’ll most likely experience more serious and costly problems in the near future.

One way to respond to your roof’s water spot problem is by hiring a professional Ottawa roofing expert quickly for inspection. After the inspection, the roofing expert will decide whether what you need is an Ottawa roof repair or roof replacement.

2. Sloping spots

In case you don’t know, sloping spots are areas in which the surface of your Ottawa roof deviates from its original horizontal plane. In most cases, this deviation in your roof surface could be a warning sign of roof damage due to structural problems.

When spotted early enough, sloping spots can be addressed quickly. All you need is to hire a professional Ottawa roof repair expert to help inspect the signs, identify the root cause(s) and determine if you need to repair the affected areas or replace them.

3. Missing granules

Granules in Ottawa roofing play important roles for homeowners today. These small, coarse particles are designed to help protect the asphalt layer of your roof shingles from getting damaged by direct and continuous exposure to UV rays. Furthermore, these particles also provide shingles with resistance against rain, snow, and a few harsh weather conditions. Granules also enhance your shingles’ fire resistance and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your roof.

Today, missing granules is an early warning sign of potential roof damage due to weather-related wear. You need to hire a roofing (Ottawa) expert as quickly as possible to look into the problem, identify the root cause, and provide a long-lasting solution – Ottawa roof repair or replacement.

4. Gutter blockages

Your Ottawa roofing gutters is a trough that’s attached to the edge of your roof. They are specifically designed to help collect and redirect rainwater to another place, which is not your building’s foundation.

To keep water away from damaging your home structure and to prevent erosion, the roofing gutters need to be active at all times. If you notice any sign of gutter blockages, then you should understand that this may be a warning sign of potential roof damage. If care isn’t taken quickly, this small issue can lead to more serious problems, such as water backup. Hire a professional Ottawa roofing expert today to inspect your gutters and provide a long-lasting solution to the issue on ground.

Need help finding a reliable and reputable roofing expert in Ottawa? If yes, you can try contacting Vanity Roofing today.

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