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4 Different Positions For Bottle Feeding

Ways To Make Bottle Feeding Easier For You And Your Baby 

Bottle feeding your baby often takes some time to get used to for you and your baby. They will happily feed in a position one day and squirm away the next time you feed them. 

You are not in control over how your child wants to be fed on a day-to-day basis, but you can prepare a series of different positions to bottle feed your child in. 

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With these positions, you want your child to feel comfortable, secure, and you need to make sure they are in a safe position to eat without choking. The right position will make it easier for both of you during the process. 

Today, we are going to look at four of the best positions to bottle feed your child in. 


Cross your arm across the front of your body and use it to support your child as they rest on your chest. 

This is the classic feeding position that most people try out first. This is because it mimics how you would hold your child while breastfeeding them. 

Many people think that this is the best way to bottle feed a child because it mirrors the way they would “naturally” be fed. But don’t feel pressured to exclusively use this position. The science shows that there is no one right way to feed your little one. 

However, when your child is very young, you might find this the easiest way to support them and help them to feed. 

When you are feeding in this position, you want to make sure you angle your baby’s head so they are semi-upright. You do not want to feed them when they are lying down, as they could choke. 

Sat Up 

Sit your child in a high chair or up against a wall (or another flat surface), with their legs in front of them. Sit in front of them so you can provide support when needed. This works for older children. 

Alternatively, sit your child in your lap, with their head resting on your chest, or support them with your arms. 

If your baby gets gassy or has issues with acid reflux then feeding them in this position could help to alleviate their symptoms. 

As they’re eating, you can rub their chest slowly to help with their digestion. 

On Your Lap 

Lie down with your legs bent and knees pointing upwards. Rest your baby against your legs so that you are facing each other. You can use one hand to support your baby and feed them with the other. 

If you want a more intimate feeding experience with your little one then this is a great option. You and your baby can look at each other while they are eating. This will make it easier for them to communicate with you when they want to stop feeding. 

Like the position we previously mentioned, having your baby sit up when they are eating will make it less likely for them to get gas or acid reflux. 

Feeding Pillow 

Lay your baby on the feeding pillow. This pillow will elevate their head, keeping them semi-upright while they are eating. Make sure that you hold the bottle for your baby if you are feeding them in this position. 

Feeding pillows are a great option if your child likes to have their own space while they are eating. They are also great for hot days – you and your child can keep cool while they are still being supported by the pillow.

They’re also a great option for those days when your arms are really tired. 

When your baby is feeding on a pillow like this, you will never want to leave them unattended. You should hold the bottle for them, this will prevent them from choking or rolling off and hurting themselves. 


There is a whole range of different positions that you can use when bottle feeding your baby. 

It is useful to have a couple of feeding positions in your repertoire for those days when your baby is in a strange mood, flustered, or doesn’t seem like they want to eat. 

The most important thing to remember when bottle feeding your baby is to never let them feed when they are lying horizontally. Always make sure that they are at least semi-sat up, if not fully sitting up. This will stop them from choking. 

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